Monday, 21 August 2017

A one brand makeup look

Todays post is a one brand make up look.

The brand that is Inika they create organic a vegan cosmetic's that I have only recently started to try out. The product that got me so crazy in love with this band was the baked mineral illuminisor. I'd only ever tried cream highlighters in the past, but really loved the look of this product when I spotted it on the Love Lula website. I also decided to purchase the Inika mascara and the nude lip liner because I'm all about nude lips 24/6 - I say six because there's the odd day I might wear a red, pink, purple or orange lip! Because I'd spent over £30 on Inika products I was able to get a free bronze *yay* thanks to little R I no longer had any because he destroyed both my Jane Iredale and my Tan organic! I also added some of the new Inika samples to my basket both the perfection concealer and the liquid foundation. 

First impressions of each product... Y'all know I am mad about the Inika illuminator so you can recap my thoughts here. I am so fussy with mascara's my long lashes have a mind of their own so I am always searching for a mascara that can take control of them. Since discovering green beauty I have only ever LOVED one mascara and liked a few others all the rest haven't wowed me enough for repurchases! But I finally have a new favourite and of course that is the Inika mascara, did you know the first day I wore it I had three compliments on my lashes? One of which was a dear old man! I knew then it was a bloody good mascara! I can choose to use one coat and have a natural look or three coats for a bolder look. I do make a mess with it but to be honest I always make a mess with mascara's I blame it on my lashes for being so long. The nude lip liner came as a bit of a surprise yes it's nude but it's not matte I didn't realise this when I purchased it but this doesn't mean I don't like it, [she likes a sheer lip product?] yes you read correctly this is basically like highlighter for your lips it's beeeeeautiful! The bronze is actually pretty lovely I am always a little scared they will be to orange but I much prefer bronze to blush and this is a really lovely natural wearable shade for me. Finally lets talk about the perfecting concealer and foundation samples I tried. OMG just when I thought I had tried the best foundations that the green beauty world has to offer Inika blow my mind with their liquid foundation I'm going to keep you waiting for a full review because this foundation really deserves the spotlight! 

Anyways here is what I used for my new everyday easy peasy makeup look. Being a mama of two I don't have an awful lot of time in the morning to do my makeup but I do really enjoy wearing it as it makes me feel good. 

Using my usual primer (here) I prepare my face, I will be purchasing the Inika primer as I've heard good things and I've only ever used one proper primer before and that I've kind of gone off lately, maybe they've changed the formula... 

I used the perfecting concealer in shade very light on any redness/blemishes and under my eyes as well as on my eye lids because they're super veiny! 

Then I go in with the liquid foundation in shades porcelin, nude & cream using them to contour and cover my face! I really love contouring with different shades of foundation because I think it looks super natural.

I then ad some bronze to my cheeks I went a little light because I was scared of looking to orange due to the lack of sunshine we've had this summer. Thanks Mr. Weatherman 😭 

I then add a little baked illuminisor to my nose, cheek bones and brow bones.

Applied my mascara with three coats in the images below because I wanted you to all see how awesome this product can make your lashes look! But usually, during the day ill do two max!

Then I finished with a little Nude lip liner in the center of my lips. And voila I'm good to leave the house 💁🏽 just a shame about my balding hair line 😭 you can read more about that here

Have you tried Inika yet? What are your favourite products... 

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  1. Ahh you look so beautiful and this post is incredibly well written. I am always searching for new cruelty free brands to try and this seems like a great option. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you're having an amazing week so far :) <3



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