Sunday, 6 August 2017

Glow on girl - with Inika illuminisor

Whats up guys! Hope you are all doing well. I am just about hanging in there with two crazy little babies. I give birth to super babies, like Baby B is already army crawling? And I'm struggling to keep up with little R's potty training, there is pee everywhere I can't cope! All mummy talk aside I am somehow managing to to still get the odd comment on how well I look, HAHA, Ill be real it's mostly thanks to the makeup. I mean to an extent its coming from within because I do eat particularly well. But on bad days the makeup really helps the one product I have been LOVING this past month is Inika's illuminisor.

It's very rare that I dedicate an entire article to just ONE beauty product but Inika have blown my mind with this one and I felt it deserved the spotlight. 

The Inika Illuminator is a baked mineral illuminisor, baked on a terracotta tile in fact in Tuscany Italy! 

I have been searching for a long while for the 'perfect' illuminating product, most that I have tried have been cream or liquid based products and I find they end up clinging to dry skin or enhancing my pores instead of giving me the healthy glow that I desire. I wanted a product that would show up in photography. I find most of the ones I have even the ones I like in the flesh, but on camera they do absolutely nothing. And then there are some that look great on camera but really make me look like a disco ball in the flesh.

I had never thought to try a powdered product just because I assumed that it would cling to my dry skin, but last month I used my Love Lula points to purchase the Inika baked illuminisor and I am so happy with my purchase! 

I see absolutely no clinging to dry areas and it keeps me glowing all day long. It doesn't feel as though I am caked in product or thick when I apply a lot of product for photography. It is very lightweight and feels lovely on the skin. It has a slight pink/purple hue which I think would work well for all skin colours and tones. Whatever your skin type this is going to suit you I have oily/dry skin but it depends on the day to be honest some days I'm more dry and others more oily and its worked well either way. This product is also vegan and cruelty free which is an added bonus! I love it so much it got me thinking maybe I need to try more from this make up brand. Maybe I shouldn't be so afraid of powdered/baked make up products.

What do you think? have you tried this product or any of the Inika range?

FYI Love Lula currently have an offer when you spend £35 on Inika products you'll receive the bronzer FREE use code BRONZER at the checkout!

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