Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Talking hair loss & hair care

I have been battling with hair loss for about 3 years now, not drastic but enough to knock my confidence and my hair is quite obviously thin. Maybe not to others, in fact a lot of people assume my hair is super thick. But it about quarter the thickness it once was.

So I just saw a trichologist and found out that fortunately my hair follicles aren't dead which means I can regrow the hair I've lost. I was so anxious that I would go bald and have to wear wigs for the rest of my life so I am super grateful that I have had good news regarding this. I am going to undergo a hair analyst. The reason for my hair loss is due to poor circulation in my scalp however I also suffer with poor circulation in my entire body which can be linked to vitamin and mineral deficiencies so rather than just treating externally I'd much like to find out the trigger and repair from within. I will be receiving and giving myself regular scalp massages. Doing more yoga especically positions that require the head to be below the heart as this improves blood circulation in the head. Also I will be doing more exercise to help my blood circulation. Along with spicy foods, homoeopathy and aroma therapy! 

Whilst I do still have somewhat a decent amount of hair left on my scalp I've been reaching for products that add volume and texture to my locks. 

This is a spray that can offer volume and texture to straight hair as well as waves/curls. I love this on days where I can't be bothered to style my hair or if it's in need of a wash. It has the calming scent of lavender which I really enjoy. It's such an easy to use product so if you're not great at styling this is the ideal product for you. Some people worry about using salt sprays in case it dries out their hair, or in case it will make their hair look/feel dry. Naturally my hair is very frizzy and I have no issues with dryness from this product. I do add John masters de-tangler after every hair wash to help reduce knotting and easy frizz so if you do have very dry hair this product might appeal to you also. 

Lately I've been enjoying wearing my hair sleek and straight but my usually volume rich hair line isn't what it once was and so I find I need a little boost at the roots. This has been my straight hair go to. Again a very easy to use product that doesn't require much skill. I'm yet to try it with my hair curly but I imagine it would serve me well. It doesn't make my hair look or feel greasy which is usually a worry for me with haircare because my roots become greasy with ease! 

I will keep you all up to date with my hair loss situation and would love to hear from anyone that is or has suffered from hair loss.

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