The natural and vegan way to up your vitamin D

7:55 pm

Autumn is here woooooop! Yes, I love me some autumnal weather all them leaves on the ground crunching around etc. Hot cacao because I'm constantly in need of a chocolate fix, anyone else feel like a bear during autumn? All I see, feel, breathe is food. It's like I am prepping for hibernation n tingssss.

Anyway, what I dislike about Autumn is that my vitamin D plummets and after the shit storm of a summer we had it's no wonder I am feeling mighty fatigued and aching bones! Apparently everyone is a little deficient in vitamin D especially in cloudier countries and if you're darker skinned chances are you need more. 

I don't like to take synthetic forms of nutrition so I always try to get everything I need through a healthy balanced diet but as I said before with the rubbish summer its hard to get enough vitamin D. D3 to be precise is what we get from the sun and although most of us need more of it a lot of the time many of us are prescribed the wrong type of D, usually D2! Sometimes it is useful and necessary to take a high dose of d3 or d2 in tablet form but I urge you to do your own research on this. Big doses over small periods can be life changing but for long periods they can have negative effects on our health.

Whilst doing my own research I realised a good natural form of Vitamin D3 can come from plants such as algae and mushroom. Some people choose to take cod liver oil because this has a high amount of d3. However I choose not to get my D3 this way because I don't eat animals anymore. Not only that but fish especially cod can contain a lot of mercury and pollution from our oceans. Some cod liver oils don't even contain the D3 if they're poor quality so again do a little background research on brands etc before you purchase any.

Where am I getting my D3 from?

I decided to try mushrooms, they are best used raw, I am not a fan of chowing down some raw mushrooms to be honest I love them cooked but obviously this does take away a lot of the therapeutic effects of this bad boy fungi. Instead i used mushroom powders in smoothies, juices and shakes! I did think they would drastically change the taste of my favourite blends but actually they are undetectable and I am going to double my dose until I feel improvements. I use indigo herbs maitake and shittake. These powders also offer other nutritional benefits such as helping boost the immune system. For those who don't like eating murhsrooms regularly these are a great way to receive the awesome health benefits and they are vegan!

The other way I have decided to help my vitamin D3 is by using Omega 3 which is essential for my diet at the moment especially because I don't eat fish or algae! So I have introduced a an omega 3 supplement where the omega and d3 is derived via the algae! Another great source if you're vegan.

Symptoms of low vitamin D 

  • poor immune system
  • fatigue and tiredness
  • bone pains
  • muscle pain
  • hair loss
  • depression
  • muscle weakness
  • difficulty concentrating
If you think you might be severely low I would recommend seeing your doctor for a blood test to determine your levels. though below 30 is classed as sever - remember that every body is different and if you feel most of these symptoms fit then a natural boost may be just what you need. I always avoid supplements with calcium because generally we can overdose on this if we take along side vitamin d unless your calcium is also low try to avoid supplementing it to.

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