Monday, 23 October 2017

Growing my hair: Tips & Products (inc: before & after images)

I am back with more details on how I have been getting on with my hair growth. If you follow me on social media you'll know I have been suffering with alopecia due to poor blood circulation. 

So today I am discussing whats been helping me regrow the hair Ive lost. These will also help you better nourish and care for your hair as well as potentially making it grow faster.

Firstly a small change like blasting my hair and body off under a cold shower at the end of my daily shower (not every day for my head) this helps get the blood flowing through my body therefore better circulation in my head. Now that we have colder weather I've been showering with warm water I literally cannot brave the cold shower on my body at the moment. So what I've been doing is washing my hair over the bath with totally cold water. This is great because I am also helping blood circulation by having my head upside down for a long-ish period. Also this is great for lowering my use of water because whilst I am massage the shampoo & conditioner I simply turn off the shower. 

Scalp massage. I try to do it a couple of times daily but I do forget sometimes. I make sure I massage my scalp well whilst washing my hair. I recently bought one of those wire massage things and it feels so good and it actually relives stress and headaches which is great.

Exercising daily, especially yoga and downward dog - hanging the head below the heart helps the blood flow to your head better. But also cardio and getting your heart pumping helps too!

I often use a few sprays of the john masters organic sea mist, this is really nice on days where my hair looks a little greasy I find it reduces the shine a little and helps me style my hair without heat. It's also said to help prevent hair loss! Its not at all an oily product so works well on hair wash days. It also reduces symptoms of itching and soreness on my scalp. 

I have been loving the John Masters Organics deep scalp purifying serum. I notice that sometimes my scalp is still a little sensitive if I've been stressed, stress is not great for circulation. I can massage this into my scalp and it smells incredible but it also feels incredible. It has spearmint and peppermint so its very soothing. I did think it would make my roots look greasy but it doesn't at all so this is a great everyday product to use. I cut out this product for two weeks to see if it was actually making any difference and I could not wait to reintroduce it because I noticed more hair fall while I wasn't using it and more scalp itching and pain. Though I haven't tried this product because it contains wheat (I'm topically allergic) I would highly recommend also trying the John Masters Organics deep scalp follicle treatment.

I cant say a particular shampoo has changed anything for me massively but right now the texture of my hair is feeling fabulous and I put it all down the the boucleme hair cleanser and conditioner.

As a special treatment the night before I will be washing my hair I have been using the Dr. Hauschka revitalising hair and scalp tonic which is said to give strength to fine hair and soften thick hair. This also feels very soothing when applied to my scalp and smells lovely. I have noticed a great ordeal of regrowth since introducing this product my hair grows fast fortunately but I am so sure this has sped up the process. So for those of you craving long lustrous locks whatever your hair type this is the product for you!

Below you can see from the images the improvements over the past 3 months. I will continue to photograph the improvements as time goes on.

If you have any other tips/products you can suggest please leave them in the comments.


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