Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Two masks by Madara you need to know about

Hi guys

So I've been gone for a little while, actually a long while. Let me check... my last post was about 6 weeks ago - it feels like longer if I'm honest. Anyway, I had to take some time off as life was just really busy and blogging was just an extra strain if I'm being honest but hopefully I can continue you with at least 1 article per month for you all.

Today I am talking about the two mask's one which I have been using for years and another that I have recently introduced.

I've been using this product for maybe 3 years and actually I hadn't used it for approx one year, but fortunately Love Lula reminded me of this gem as it was featured in their beauty box a little while back. A FULL SIZE YAY! I have always had such good results using this product I remember when I first used it I thought it was going to peel off... The description peel confused me haha. Every time I use the AHA peel mask it leaves my skin looking and feeling fab. It looks less tired and gives me a lovely glow. It also helps reduce redness from breakouts and it is slowly healing scars that I have had for years thanks to serious breakouts during my pregnancies! This product gently exfoliates the skin leaving it looking fresh and new. It also helps other products to penetrate the skin better meaning better results from your cleanser, toner, and moisturizer etc. I wouldn't be without this product ever again.

Madara | Detox Ultra Purifying Mud Mask | £20 

This is a new addition. I love clay masks and haven't used a mud mask in absolute years and I am almost positive the ones I used to use were full of toxic crap. I didn't like the smell of this it's not bad at all but I usually really love the smell of Madara products but this one not so much. I've only been using it a little while but I am really noticing great improvements in my skin texture and appearance. I did have a break out after the first use but it's a detox mask so that is to be expected plus I have been drinking a little (maybe a lot) of alcohol lately what with my birthday and festivities etc 😜 my skin doesn't cope well with unhealthy consumptions, foods or drinks too high in sugars always cause my skin to become congested. My skin is healing from the breakouts and it feels very soft and clean - like super clean... And my pores aren't so obvious. I did think that it would possibly dry my skin as it claims to leave skin matted but it's not drying at all. It's supposed to reduce outbreaks and I am currently waiting for my monthly cycle and usually ,I have major hormonal breakouts and so far nothing! Could this be my new ffavoriteproduct? I think so!

Another reason I love Madaras face masks is that they come with a guide inside so you know how long and how often you should leave the product on, how regularly it should be used for your particular skin type. It's very useful because sometimes we might not use a product enough or too much to get the perfect results. 

Have you tried any of these mask's?

Bye for now,
Eloise X

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