Sunday, 28 January 2018

Discovering MSM and it's health & beauty benefits

What is MSM you say? It's long name is (Methylsulfonylmethane) its an organic sulfar compound used to improve function of the immune system, help restore tissue in the body and it also contains anti inflammatory properties and has many health and beauty benefits.

I picked this up a little while ago when my hair was falling out by the second. I was desperate to try anything and everything. You can read my external approach to regrowth here. My hair isn't thick yet but the steps and products I've used in the post linked have helped hugely and you'll see from the before and after images how much regrowth I've gained. 

I'm going to be taking other steps such as a parasite cleanse and gut healing protocols but this isn't just inspired by hair loss it's due to other issues which I will talk about in a separate article. 

Since using MSM I have noticed a great ordeal of hair growth. And my scalp itchiness has subsided. If I go a couple of days without using it I notice my scalp starts to become tight and itchy. Its a very fast acting supplement I noticed benefits within days of using, after just a few weeks I had a huge amount of hair growth tiny little spikes of hair growing everywhere on my scalp.

So what benefits can you expect from taking MSM?

MSM is necessary for collagen production. This is why it's great for hair, skin, and nails. It helps to strengthen hair and nails. It helps to detoxify the body. It's known to improve flexibility (which is great for me as I'm ballet training again - and boy may turn out needs some serious flex). It has anti-inflammatory properties and can promote faster healing. It's also known to help increase energy levels. It also helps with circulation issues which is something I suffer with. Its good for digestive issues so it's going to be a great help with my gut healing protocol.

I have for sure noticed some of the key benefits of using MSM and will continue to use it as part of a balanced diet. My nails are definitely stronger. Interestingly whilst practicing my splits I was shocked at how quickly I went from 6 inches away from the ground to only 3 inches. I do practice daily alongside ballet but I remember at dance school it took months for me to reach a full split and after just a few weeks I am almost at full split which is crazy. But this could be thanks to MSM increasing my flexibility in my muscles. 

I will report back in a few months after my gut healing protocol to give an update on this wonderful product. A healthy gut means better absorption and that's absolutely what I need right now. 

If unlike me you have a healthy gut and are wanting the ultimate affordable beauty treatment MSM is your go to. For lustrous thick hair, strong nails and a clear, hydrated youthful complexion it's an absolute no brainer. Not to mention all of its other health benefits. I used KIKI health MSM which you can purchase here.

If you decide to take MSM daily be sure to take some before and after images so I can see you improvements!

*This article is in collaboration with love lula & contains AF links.

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