Thursday, 11 January 2018

Vertue | The hair box

Today's post is all about hair, Vertue box which you can purchase here I've had this box a while now but I haven't been blogging all that much so hadn't got round to writing the review. However it's given me a good chance to trial the products to let you know my thoughts.

A'kin lemongrass shampoo

I've been really enjoying this product I'm not sure whether my scalp is classed oily or dry? I get dry areas and itching if I don't wash regularly but then it's oily/greasy with in a day so it's a little weird.  This product has defiantly balanced things out a little for me and I have less dry skin and I'm noticing I'm not needing to wash it as often as usual.

Tabitha James kraan

What a beautiful and thick conditioner my hair really loves this product and it smells absolutely gorgeous. This product is 4 in 1. It can be used as regular conditioner, styling product, moisturiser for dry scalps and as a leave in conditioner! I've only used it as a regular conditioner though I might try it as an overnight moisturiser for my scalp. My hair is still currently to thin for leave in products like this one.

The niche co hair tea

This was such a lovely treat I like that the treatments available for beauty aren't just exterior and this is something different to help us think about beauty from within. It was very spicy and definitely helped my blood circulation issues!

Ikoo brush 

I love my wooden brush but when things get really knotty this is my go too! I used to have a similar brush by tangle teazer but my toddler lost it. This is a great replacement! And I like that it has a clip on cover to keep out dust and make it handbag friendly! 

The innate life hair exlire

I forgot about this little gem until I re photographed the box contents and I must give it a go. It smells beautiful and rose is very hydrating so I am hoping it will tame my frizz. 

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