Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Gluten free & Vegan dining at turtle bay.

Hi guys

Finally, after uh I dunno like, basically well over a year I've been able to enjoy date night.

I've employed a nannie... nanny? My good friend & AMAZING photographer Abigail check out here. This means so much to me because it's really tough not having a regular person to take the kids off of my hands for a few hours so I can enjoy food without having to stop every 2 seconds to sort out one or the other children, if you're parent you'll understand the difficulties of dinning out. We all know everyone dislikes the diner's that bought their loud noisy child/ren LOL.

Courtesy of Turtle Bay I got to enjoy some gluten free vegan Caribbean food. One of my favourites! 

I ordered 3 sides of plantain, standard. I was going to order more but I thought maybe they would think I am a little bit weird. I'm obsessed with plantain it's literally the most delicious food ever. I also had a super green salad as a side dish.

For my main meal I  ordered...


Spinach, aubergine & sweet potato in a fragrant light curry sauce. Green beans & kidney beans cooked with Jamaican spice. Served with steamed rice & roti flatbread [VE/GFO]
This was so amazing. It was actually pretty spicy. I do love a spicy dish and this wasn't too hot. I don't know why though since having Béla I've become less tolerable of spicy dishes... But it definitely wasn't overpowering and it was really fragrant and sweet. I also ordered a side of Trini water melon chow. Which kinda acted as a super healthy desert because sadly they do not have a gluten free vegan option. They do however have coconut ice cream but to be honest I was far too stuffed for desert anyway.

Overall I would highly recommend their food to anyone that loves Caribbean food the menu is packed full of delicious dishes. I would love to see a few more vegan options that are also gluten free however they have a huge amount of gluten free options which is amazing to see. I attended the Bristol broad quay Turtle bay and the atmosphere and staff were all lovely. One of the waiters actually approached us like 'hey ladies' until she looked at Curtis and couldn't apologise enough, we actually thought it was pretty hilarious. Staff member Ruby (who's name I originally thought was something totally different thankfully I didn't call her over else she would've been slightly confused) anyway she was so lovely and she had the coolest spec's ever!

If you'd like to eat at turtle bay you can book a table here.

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