Sunday, 18 March 2018

Are your eyelashes real? YES!

Ha look at me being a big head and titling a blog post with a compliment I receive regularly - well question actually, but I take it as a compliment.

I always seem to think I've found the perfect replacement for a product since switching over to green beauty and then another product/brand surprises me with something better. First, it was 100% pure mascara, then living nature, then Inika and now RMS. I still love all the other mascara but I have to say RMS defining mascara is my ideal mascara. 

I like my lashes to be spread out, not clumpy but lengthened to the highest heights. Fortunately, I am blessed with naturally long lashes. But it takes a very good formula to show off their full potential. 

Originally I wanted to purchase the RMS volumising mascara but sadly it contains wheat and I am allergic. I can't even imagine what that formula would do to my lashes if I were able to use it! As a woman once said to me in America 'I would need my own zip code for them' did you know I also got given free stuff in a beauty store in America because the store woman was so amazed by my lashes. HAHA, American's are so nice I need to move there already! Now I am really loving myself but self-love is good yall!

First impressions of the defining mascara... Love the packaging obvz its sleek and heavyish weight which makes it look and feel very luxe. When I first put it on I was like eh, not sure. But then when I used a few tips from MUA's I'd met in the past I really got to see the product work properly and I was in awe and just walking around fluttering my fleeky as F lashes at everyone. I don't really know what else to say other than if you want a mascara that will define and lengthen your lashes then this is the product for you! You can see the before and after images below. Have you tried this mascara?

Lots of love
Eloise x


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