Saturday, 12 May 2018

Dramatic cat eye

Hi, lovelies today I am talking about makeup. I decided to create a really dramatic eye look thanks to some lovely products I received a while back. I haven't worn such dark eye make up in years and I was a bit worried I wouldn't like it. But actually, from the number of selfies I have on my phone from this day, I think I liked it haha. I've been wearing cat eye a lot lately and I'm getting better at it. I used to be really good at it when I was a teenager but I've lost the knack!

  • Lippy girl lipstick shade goddesss
I also used the eyeshadow to fill in my hairline and the balding areas it gave me so much confidence to have a fuller looking hairline and it worked really well and nobody noticed. I need a night out now so that I can recreate this look. I didn't really love the goddes shade on my lips to be honest so the first lots of pictures were taken with a different lipstick on. But the bottom image is me wearing Lippy girl Goddess, what do you think? 


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