Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Hiro foundation & Ere perez concealer | Reviews

Again... My name is Eloise and I am addicted to foundations. It’s true. It’s probably my most blogged about subject besides skincare.

Finding the perfect foundation is one of life’s main goals right? I see girls constantly tweeting, facebooking, gramming, asking for foundation recommendations and for the most of us we basically want a filter in a bottle. Well, I found it. Ya'll know I’m a HUGE fan of Sappho’s and I did claim this to be my FAVOURITE green beauty foundation that is until I became allergic/sensitive to coconut and all 40+ of it derivatives, Yep you read that correctly flipping forty odd.

I’ve recently been using the Ere Perez Quinoa water foundation which I love it’s incredible if you’re after something lightweight with a buildable medium coverage. But my skin needs a little extra coverage right now due to a lot of scarring from previous breakouts.

So when I discovered that Hiro foundation was coconut & D free I decided to give it a go. It’s aloe based so very hydrating just what my skin needs right now as I’ve been using a lot of acids and peels to help reduce scarring.

I can’t believe my luck. I totally thought I was going to have to switch to conventional foundations and bare all the toxins that come with them. But oh no, Hiro did good! I’m actually shook. For the first time this year I have confidentially taken a selfy without a filter or editing. Say what? This is unheard of for me lately because my skin has looked so ugh. Even with foundation etc on. This is how I know this is a great foundation.

Now currently my skin is VERY dry we’re talking Sahara desert type dryness. Usually foundations cling to dry areas and enhance and make everything look a bit worse. But not hiro yes close up you can see that my skin needs a drink or two. But from where others stand it’s left me looking filtered and glowy.

It feels lovely on the skin. Not heavy and not drying. My love actually told me ‘it doesn’t even look like you’re wearing foundation’ that’s what I wanna here yall! That’s what we all wanna here right?

I bought shade #10 moore, this has neutral undertones I find it very difficult to find foundations that actually match my skin tone and I am so surprised at how well this matches it’s literally perfect. Thankfully I have caught a little sun and I’m not looking so pale now my anaemia is under control. I’m not sure what lighter shade to get for the winter time but hopefully, I shouldn’t be too much paler than I am now. It has innovative colour adjusting powers I have no idea what or how this happens? But I believe it because when I saw the bottle I was like this is too pink but sure enough, it's adjusted to my yellow skin!

The ingredients are incredible to be honest, very nourishing, it contains, Aloe vera, chamomile, and squalane, to soothe and moisturize the skin it also contains thyme which battles spots and acne. Its the perfect formulation for my skin.

The only negative I have is that it’s in plastic packaging. I hope that eventually, they’ll switch up their packaging to something more eco-friendly.

Would you believe that I also found the perfect concealer? Well, I did. Sadly my beloved Hynt beauty and W3ll people contain caprylic which is coconut derived it causes me to break out and also irritates my skin and causes rashes. I was desperate to find a concealer for those days when I don’t want to wear foundation but wanted to cover flaws such as dark under eyes and uneven skin tone. Thankfully Ere Perez has created the arnica concealer and it’s just perfect. Works well for my eye area and blemish spot prone areas too! It’s hydrating and non-creasing. Works perfectly on my eyelids as a primer. I bought shade latte which has slight pink undertones as I feel this works best for under my eyes as well as scarring etc. I might also purchase shade chai for the future as this sunshine is giving me all the golden skin.

I’m so happy to finally have two key makeup products that are coconut & d free for those days when I need a little bit of help or want to glammmmmmmm up!

Have you tried any of these products? Stay tuned as I will soon be discussing coconut & all its derivatives in my next article. 

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