Sunday, 17 June 2018

FYI I'm not super woman

Even though I appreciate all that I do. I wanted to write here to let you know that it's not always easy. Despite the fact, some of you may think I make it look easy. Having two children close together has been one of the most difficult things ever. We've never had that much help. Roman goes to nursery twice a week now thankfully which helps a huge amount. But he hated attending for a long time so I wasn't able to offload him to anyone so that I could take a break or get some work done. 

Neither of my babies slept well, not at night and as for daytime napping? Whats that? No, they did have short naps but never enough to get more than the laundry done! Or one of my cute lil instagram shots (if I was lucky) Everything always chopped and changed with their sleep times too bedtime included, it was never set in stone so I could never really get on top of things.

I get so many DM's from you lovely people telling me how amazing I am and how I make parenting look easy. Which is so lovely. But I would be lying if I told you it was easy. It's not. It's real when they say it takes a family to raise a family. It's sad that that's not really a thing anymore. I want to make sure that if my babies have babies that I am like a second mother to their children (if they want me too).

Sometimes I don't know how I do it. I've been through anxiety, depression and general stress. Sometimes my anxiety still creeps in, especially if there has been a lot of sleepless nights. 

I guess I should probably give you some life hacks or tips by this point? But to be honest I don't really have any... Sorry! Obviously, organization is key to mental sanity (at least for me!) I get a bit crazy when everything becomes too unorganized. I think prioritizing the most important things is a good place to start. Getting out and about when you can to help break up the week especially if you're work from home mum or a kept woman! Don't be hard on yourself (rich coming from me) allow yourself to take a break. If people offer to take care of your children, cook you dinner, or come round to keep you company, say yes!

Besides the fact that life gets super overwhelming a lot of the time there are also many moments that make my heart happy and full. I am constantly learning new skills, I'm training to be a dance teacher which has been my dream since I can first remember having dreams. My children are finally becoming friends I THINK hahaha! MY blog is doing really well and I'm also developing my photography skills are creating content for many brands. But I too have those days where I am like, 'whats happening to my life, everything is fucking up'. These thoughts are unhelpful but sometimes it's hard not to think this way. I take a break and come back more motivated than ever!

I am lucky that my children have an amazing Father who helps as much as he can. He's really hands on which is what all of us need.

If you've got any tips for balancing mothering and work life please write them in the comments. Have a wonderful week ahead guys xx

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