Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Sleep deprived? This ones for you!

My children have NEVER slept well. I’m sure this is the case for 98.3 % of other parents however I’m yet to only meet about 3% of that 98.3%!

Sleep deprivation is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to cope with. As someone who needs a lot of sleep to function to the best of my ability, it was a tough transition becoming a mother.

Nap when they nap they say. Well who the fuck is going to do the laundry, cook the dinner and finish the other 438 things on my to-do list, huh?

So when I became a mother of two you can understand why the house is constantly a mess, probably smells of fesses blending with moldy food rotting away somewhere.

I have tried absolutely everything to ‘make’ them sleep well. Nothing has worked. As soon as we got into a good routine something would fuck it up. I gave up and just excepted the fact that I would NEVER sleep well again. At least until they’re teenagers and I get the pleasure of waking them up!

I don’t really know how I came across the YUMI nutrition supplements another google session I suppose on how to help kids sleep better. Anyway, the point is THEY WORK. They really really work. It’s been over two weeks now and every time I’ve given the children one they fall to sleep within half an hour of eating it.

It’s like a little sweet. We call it the bedtime sweety! Usually, the children would get a bit hyper around 7pm but now they’re falling to sleep around 7pm! It’s changed my life. I’m honestly so happy that I’ve found something that works.

When I say I tried everything I really did. Except crying it out I don’t believe in letting children/babies just cry. My children find it very difficult to wind down even when I read books etc. I’ve tried so make things tranquil and soothing before bed and nothing helped. I’m kind of frustrated I didn’t discover the YUMI gummies sooner. But at least I know for sure that it’s not a coincidence that they now sleep well. I can’t recommend them enough.

I had to write this post for all the parents that suffer from late nights, early mornings and night waking. Roman my eldest now only wakes once at around 4-5am for a bottle of milk he’s almost 3. And Bela my youngest wakes at 1am for breast milk and again around 4-5am for breast milk and she’s 14 months. Before taking YUMI she was waking every hour or so and Roman would wake 3-4 times! Its been almost 3 years of severe sleep deprivation. It's caused me to become ill regularly, very depressed and riddled with anxiety at times. There have been points where I've been so low because I have been so severely sleep deprived. 

I feel so much happier, my energy levels have been superb and I can actually go to bed early and wake up at 6am and feel HUMAN! My brain works properly again. (Sort of) lol.

These are suitable for vegans, they’re free from gluten and there are no nasty ingredients.

This is absolutely not sponsored and I was not gifted these-this is just one mother who has struggled for too long and wanted to help any other parents she could. But they can also help you if you suffer from nighttime anxiety, sometimes I can't wind down because my mind works over time, I chew a gummy and within the hour I'm sleeping. I've also read they can help with insomnia, which is something I've suffered too! Wish I had known about this product sooner this is why I cannot keep it to myself and hope that it helps you as much as it has me. 

Melatonin is a hormone made by the peneal gland in the brain and it basically like the bodies clock. Read more here.

Happy sleeping y'all xx

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  1. Omg!
    I have bookmarked this incase I need them. Thank you so much for sharing. Oliver is almost 8 months, so I doubt he could have these yet, but he is not a good sleeper at all! And neither am I, Since having him I've struggled with mild insomnia I think, even though I'm exhausted! Maybe I'll order them afterall :D



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