Saturday, 16 June 2018

Talking oral health featuring Georganics

Georganics kindly sent me some oral health products to trial. I am really excited to share these products with you. Each product is, of course, free from nasty and let's say pointless ingredients.

Since using Invisalign to help straighten my teeth I have noticed that my teeth weren't as bright white as they once were, sadly. The charcoal range can help with brightening your smile but there is also bicarbonate tooth powder which is also ideal for a whitening product. Personally, I find bicarb to cause inflammation of my gums so can't tolerate large amounts.

The oil pulling mouthwash retails as £6.90 I think it would be great if they could do a bigger bottle because I went through this pretty fast. I love oil pulling I haven't done it for years and quickly forgot how beneficial it was for oral health, but also overall health. It's a shame the dental floss is silk though it's cruelty-free I wish they could do a vegan option I don't actually know of any vegan natural floss do you? I love the cute little glass dispenser it came in though and you can then buy refills which is fantastic. Ok so the tooth soap is pretty cool, when I first saw it I was thinking that I wouldn't like it but I was actually really impressed I think this is going to last me a very long time. You just wet your brush a little rub onto the 'soap' and brush your teeth as normal. A little bit of product goes a really long way.

The red mandarin coconut oil toothpaste is great for my little ones (though Roman my eldest actually prefers the tooth soap!) The mandarin flavor is slightly sweet and Bela seems to enjoy brushing her eight little teeth with it. I actually switched to the mandarin toothpaste as I noticed that it helps remineralize teeth and I've had a lot of dental work since having braces fitted twice in my life and I have found that my teeth are much stronger and they look brighter after using this product. I really love the bamboo toothbrushes they're biodegradable and they look really lovely painted at the bottom in different colors. I usually go for a firmer bristle however even though the charcoal one is soft its actually very thorough and I feel like my teeth have been brushed well.

Overall I am really impressed with this brand, they have great ethics and when talking to a fellow blogger about the brand they seem to really listen to what their customers want. Which I think is a wonderful trait. I actually already used a lower impact toothbrush previously but actually, it was still made of plastic so not the best option. It didn't even cross my mind about the toothpaste we used which quite obviously came in a plastic tube. It's small changes like cardboard packaging and glass that can make a huge difference and it's a very small, easy, affordable, well - worth - it changes that I am willing to keep up.

I can't wait to try more Georganic products and talk more about them on my blog and social media. Let me know if there is anything you'd like me to review and feedback to you!


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