Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Vegan leather: Collection & Co

I finally shot some looks for my blog. I procrastinated for many reasons, I was too ehem large... I was too skinny, I always looked too tired, I was too pale and finally, I was too anxious. I was actually going to cancel the shoot on the morning because my anxiety kicked in. But I didn't and I'm proud of myself for that. But then I was really frustrated during the shoot because, f*****g hayfever!!! Ugh. Didn't take enough vitamin C and quercetin or nettle in the upcoming days and the wind was just ridiculous. My under eyes were puffy as f**k not to mention i didn't get a great night sleep so yeah, it is what it is haha. Glad we shot in the city and not amongst nature like I originally planned else things would've got a lot worse. My eyes were running like taps and I think I wiped off most of my make up. But oh well, s**t happens and the outfits look incredible especially today's look statement dress and statement shoe!

There is simply no need for us to use animal skins for clothing/ accessorize purposes when we have such beautiful vegan options from amazing brand collection & co. they're not only vegan but they're also sustainable. The dress I am wearing is an ethical piece of clothing from their store in Bristol. sadly they do not sell clothes online when I showed a snippet of me wearing the dress on Instagram I had so many messages asking where it was from!

These shoes are possibly one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I've ever owned. They're practical for mothering you know, chasing after toddlers etc!  I don't drive so I like to wear practical footwear but it's also nice to be stylish I am super happy I found these beauties. I'm usually a basic pump kind of girl because I opt for comfort but these are honestly so comfortable in comparison so most brogue shoes. The leather isn't stiff, they sit at the perfect height on my heel as to not rub. I didn't even need to break them in!!! You can shop the HELICON BROGUE here. They are currently in the sale!!!

The only belt I owned was a real leather one that I  bought way back in my nonconscious days. So when I caught a glimpse of the collection & co belt I had to have it! I had to take it to Timpsons and get extra holes punctured for my tiny waistline haha. Its super soft vegan leather and it comes in 4 colours shop the ZONI belt here.

AS for the dress I decided to try and find something similar to share but sadly i didnt find anything ethical, sustainable or oragnic but it if do I will report back!

Collaboration: Collection & Co
Photographs by: Abi Galatia

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