Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Photography tips

Recently a few of you have reached out and asked me about my photography. How I edit my photographs etc. So I thought I would write here how I do it all.

First of all a good layout, set up and lighting is key. Without a good image to begin with, no amount of editing can really help it look much better. Editing is just about personal style really. What kind of theme you want to go with for your blog and Instagram.

Editing on the PC:

When using my MAC I edit on photoshop and Lightroom. Mainly lightroom because it's very simple and quick. I just change settings to make the images brighter especially if it was a bad day for lighting. Photoshop is great for more in-depth editing but you really need to learn all the tools when using photoshop.

I also sometimes use pic monkey which is great for resizing or writing over images. Canva is great for designing posters with images or for blog graphics.

Editing on my phone:

The easiest, most convenient of ways to edit images is on my phone using various apps. For selfies, I tend to use a preset smoothing filter but not on fullest as to not look over edited. The key is to not use any setting in full otherwise it can be too much. I use Lightroom on my phone to help brighten the image I use exposure and contrast to keep a balance of color as sometimes exposing an image too much can cause things to fade. 

I use adobe photoshop app which is great for resizing images and skewing them. Alongside other editing tools, this is a great app for every type of editing. 

I also use snapseed, I use the brush tools on this app for adding exposure to darker areas of images it's literally life-changing and I can't believe I didn't get it on my phone sooner. It has many other great tools but my go to is the brush tool.

Finally VSCO I used to religiously use this when I first started blogging but I was using it for all the wrong reasons and I would just choose a preset and go with it on FULL! But now I have learned a few tricks! It's been the final touch I needed for my images. I hate any colors that are too bright especially green, blues and pinks. I prefer them to look muted and pastel. So I use the HSL tool for dulling up the colors. That's just my theme though I want things bright but muted?

I hope this article can help some of you with your photography and if you have any questions please do leave a comment! The main thing is to find your own style and remember to focus on the image before editing. A good shot will edit well. If something is out of place, not straight, or overcrowded it can ruin the entire picture.

Check out my other photography article here. I am still learning myself and that's all part of the fun seeing how you can develop your imagery into something really aesthetically pleasing. I genuinely find photography so fun and it's now part of my job. I do much photography for brands and I love it. Usually the first thing a brand will say to me when asking to collaborate via my blog or Instagram is how much they love my photography and I feel really proud about that because if you saw my pictures when I started my blog they were far from what they are today (please don't go back and look haha).


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