Friday, 17 August 2018

Ere perez - Arnica concealer - My thoughts

A good concealer is like a good bra, nobody should notice it but it does its job well! Tbf I rarely wear a bra...

When I learned that the ere Perez concealer didn't contain any coconut derived ingredients, I snapped one up right away! If you've been following my blog and social accounts you'll know I kept reacting to coconut! Were talking major break outs and dry skin! Not sure if its a no-np ngredient for me yet but ive been having a long break from coconut anything (except on my buckwheat bread in the mornings!)

I now own two shades of the Arnica concealer because its that good, 'concealer so nice I bought it twice' I use them both blended as a full coverage foundation or lighting as subtle contouring just like a used to with the RMS covers up. For me, this is the next best thing if not better because no coco!

I have shade latte & brew. The texture of this concealer is lovely and creamy. If you have really dry skin I don't recommend this product because it does dry matte. When my skin is drier I can't really pull this product off. But when its normal and balanced it's my go to. Little blemish or second head growing it's sorting me out. Ideal for under eyes too and I also use on my upper lids as a primer. I think I will buy a few more shades so I have my color all year round. Both shades are a little bit light for me however they're the two yellow shades to match my yellow skin tone.

Ere Perez has fast become one of my favorite brands. Check out the entire range here.

Have you tried the arnica concealer yet?


  1. I haven't heard of this brand before but the concealer does sound super interesting!

  2. Ooh this sounds like such a good concealer! x



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