Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Simple organisation hacks featuring Ponderliily

Are you an organized person? I'm not, id like to be though.

I was very excited when I received my Ponderlily planner. Their products are beautiful and ethical. I received the undated planner because it was mid-year. Yes, that's how unorganized I am! I'm the type of girl to buy a calendar in March rather then december for the following January!

It's not that I try to be disorganized and all over the place, before children I had no interest to be organized my grandmother did pretty much everything for me and reminded me about EVERYTHING. But since becoming a mother I realize its the key to calmness.

If the house is a mess it sends me into a bit of a crazy rage! Much like if my plans and work and hobbies are all over the place.

I wanted to offer you all a helping hand on ways you can easily organize things in your life so that your mind can relax and focus a  little bit better.

I started by having a HUGE clear out. This has done wonders for my wellbeing, throwing or giving away things that no longer serve me or my family decluttering useful space in my home has just shifted the energy within my living space so much. I still have a long way to go but everything is much tidier and organized. My best tip for organization is don't rush and just do a little every day. I chose to clear out one drawer/shelf each day when I had good energy levels and motivation and slowly but surely things are feeling much better.
I write a rota. Sounds lame but it's the best damn thing I've done all year. It keeps me motivated. It helps me balance, mothering, chores, creative time and self-care. It's not overly structured but it just helps guide me each day. If I'm having a down day I just work extra hard the following day/s.

I have set days where I cook and prepare food so that I don't have to cook every single day. This way I have meals and snacks that are full of nutrition and filling ingredients to help sustain my energy throughout the days. If I don't eat regularly my blood sugar spikes then I crash just after midday and all brain power and physical energy is lost until the following day. I now make sure I eat at least every 2 hours. Even if it's just small snacks it helps keep my energy levels where I need them. I highly recommend seeing a nutritionist, see what specific diet would be ideal for your body. I believe we are all unique and we all need to eat different things to be our best selves.

Lists! Yes, I am that crazy list lady. There is something powerful about crossing off things you've achieved, or erasing it if you write your list digitally! Every morning when I wake up I write a list of the things I want/need to get done that day. I keep it practical because I don't want to put any pressure on myself however it helps to remind me that even if I've not done a huge amount I've always done something productive. Whether that is doing the laundry/dishes or working toward my dreams!

Don't compare your life or yourself to others. Something I am terrible at. We are all on our own unique journey and no two people or lives are the same and so we have to be kind to ourselves and just concentrate on being the best version of ourselves. A lot of people message me like, how'd ya do it? Your kids are so good! HAHAHA. Don't believe everything you see on Instagram often we only share the really good bits!

Ponderlily planners are crafted from eco-conscious materials, they offer inspirational quotes and are a great way to plan goals, keep notes, organize time and keep track of appointments etc. If you head to my Instagram I am holding a giveaway for your chance to win this beautiful undated Ponderlily planner in warm gray.

I would love to hear of ways you stay organized?


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