Friday, 14 September 2018

Why I am no longer vegan

While I still strongly believe the human intestine is not designed to digest meat, I am still going to eat it. Here’s why...

I want my blog to be a totally honest place, I've been vegetarian for around 2.5 years now I think. Vegan for less than a year, except I ate honey - sometimes. I am allergic to casein a protein found in animal milk, I am also allergic to eggs! Before I had to give up eggs my body was coping well on my somewhat vegetarian dairy-free diet.

In the past maybe 4-5 months or so I have battled with meat cravings, it’s been really tough and usually happens when I am low in iron and possibly other vital minerals and nutrients. I didn't really fancy the flesh of another mammal for its taste it was more that I felt like I needed it. One day my craving was so strong I decided to buy a small portion of organic beef. I roasted it and I ate the tiniest bit. I felt so guilty about eating it this precious thing that was once life, but I honestly felt alive after I did. I know this might sound crazy but night weaning a heavily breastfed toddler has been hard I’ve been so fatigued and for the first time in weeks I’d woken up with a little energy despite having very little sleep.

My other option was fish I have eaten it here and there and I do think that maybe it’s normal for humans to eat fish, they’re part of a huge food chain and we can easily catch them ourselves. Whereas other animals such as lions we definitely wouldn’t hunt, even if we did we would lose.

I wanted to talk about this subject on my blog because I’ve been a bit of a voice for veganism and though I’ve never been judgemental of those who choose to eat meat I have given a lot of advice to a lot of people. But I want to explain that we are all on our own personal journey, and we must do what feels right for us. We shouldn’t feel guilty because of lifestyle and dietary choices.

I won’t be buying into the meat industry like I used to, just organic local meat here and there without all the added chemicals and fillers and antibiotics etc added to them. Quality over quantity has always been my moto! I certainly won’t be buying into the leather and fur industry, actually I have never bought fur and I’ve never intentionally bought leather. I don’t believe it is ethical or needed in today’s society to wear animals. Eat them occasionally for nutrition maybe, but to wear them for aesthetic reasons never.

I saw a dietician recently for my son Roman, he has lots of food allergies and has become very difficult to feed he's afraid of most food which is common for children with allergies.  I learned something interesting about celiac disease, I was diagnosed about 6 years ago but never had the official testing because once I'd cut it from my diet my health improved so much that I couldn't bare to put myself through it. I'd been glutened numerous times, in the beginning, I wasn't 100% sure of everything that contained gluten. The dietician explained how gluten damages the villi a part of the small intestine that absorbs nutrients from foods. So much so that if the celiac goes unrecognized for a long period it can cause deficiencies and I think this explains why my leaky gut test came back normal yet somehow my body was struggling to absorb plant-based nutrients. My ferritin levels drop so quickly yet take so long to rise up again without supplementation. When breastfeeding our babies do take a lot of out nutrients too and so this could also be playing a huge part in my deficiencies my body just can't keep up. I've also had many occasions of being glutened and I suppose this has just led to further damage as my aneamia has become very severe since!

I don’t know if my diet will switch back to vegan in the future maybe it will but right now I’m just doing what I feel is best for my body and health. I think if I wasn’t allergic to egg then maybe I could cope being vegetarian as eggs are a great source of nutrients, fat and protein. I seem to thrive best with lots of healthy fats and protein and I am just struggling to get that with a vegan diet. I would love to hear your thoughts. ♥️

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