Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Trying shampoo & conditioner again...

You all know by now that I've been struggling with hair loss for I don't even know how long now, but too long! I've tried just about everything and took about every test, still currently waiting on my hair analysis test to arrive back! 

I decided to try Hope's relief shampoo & conditioner. It has minimal ingredients and as my scalp had been a bit irritated and dry I thought maybe this could be a solution. Sadly this duo made my dry scalp even dry and that's most likely because it contains a coconut derivative I really thought I would be ok with it but I'm just too sensitive to this ingredient clearly.

However it's not a bad review, the product is really moisturizing and I've been using it on both the babies and they have got on so well with it. Both still had cradle cap and if you're a parent you'll understand that barely anything works. I rate this as a chemical-free gentle alternative to other products out there. If you're not sensitive to coconut ingredients this would also be a great product for you if you suffer from dry scalp and hair growth issues!

I've switched back to my old method of hair cleansing which you can read all about here and finally, my scalp is less sore and dry! I don't actually know if I'll ever use shampoo again tbh! Unless someone discovers one that doesn't contain any coconut.

This product is really runny and I found that squirting it right onto the scalp was the best way to not lose any product. It foams well and only a little product is needed! Same for the conditioner and it's very thick and creamy! The product is ideal for those with dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. 

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