Friday, 9 November 2018

Ere Perez - Gingko micellar water review

I’ve been trying out the Micellar water by Ere Perez. One question that a lot of you asked when I first showed this product was, is it ideal for sensitive skin? I’m going to answer this with a confident yes! My skin isn’t overly sensitive but it does get irritated easily by ALOT of products whether that be, rash, redness or breakouts and I’ve had none of these symptoms since using this product. 

The ingredients are pretty simple. I not sure if the caprylyl/capryl glucoside is derived from coconut or another vegetable origin but I haven't had any breakouts like I usually would if using coconut derivatives so I am just assuming it's coco free! Its free from palm oil. And the fragrance you can smell is 100% natural.

Overall I’m really enjoying this micellar water. I’m a huge fan of micellar waters because they are ideal for a quick makeup removal or lazy girls cleanse! It leaves my skin hydrated and clean. I also find it really effective at removing my eye makeup! A little product goes a really long way so the price tag isn’t too much of an issue. I have only used about a quarter of a bottle and I have been using it most days since I received it which was over a month ago.

Ere Perez has fast become one of my favorite brands and I have reviewed a few of their make up products which you can read all about here. I am really eager to try more of the Ere Perez skincare range. Have you tried any of the Ere Perez makeup or skincare?

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