Saturday, 24 November 2018

Green people self tan for body & face

There are many things one hates about the colder seasons. One of which is my skin starts to lack the melanin! My skin tone is very yellow! I swear I look sick throughout winter until spring returns to bless my skin with the sunshine again.

I've always disliked fake tans because well, I think a lot of the time they look fake! Green people kindly sent me their tanning products to trial and I am so happy to share my thoughts with you guys.

Si firstly it has a lovely smell, not like some tans that have a particular scent! This pumps out like a cream and you just moisturize it into the skin like you would a body lotion! I use a mitten just because on the first application my hands looked horrendous - they were so dry and the tan really got in and stuck onto the dry parts! I've actually been leaving the tan off my hands in fear of this happening again so if there are any tan pro's out there please let a girl know how I can tan my hands to perfection, please! I find a small amount of product works best and then slowly build the tan up over a few days until you are your desired color! I then just apply every couple of days. It doesn't streak what so ever, I moisturize dry areas of the body before applications which leaves an even tone. When showering I find it fades evenly, so I am not left with random patches of pale skin like other tan products I've used. The Self tan body lotion retails at £19 which I think is a really affordable price for such an amazing product!

This tan is so natural looking it's not orange it just deepens my natural skin tone which I love! The gradual tan moisturizer is brilliant often when I've used other brands they've made my face look dirty rather than tanned. It also feels really hydrating which is what I need during colder weather as my skin is prone to becoming dry.

It would be great if they could sell a mitt, I need to purchase a new one because my children just last night destroyed mine, it's like having puppies!!! 

*This post contains AFL.

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