Friday, 2 November 2018

Smelling good with EDEN perfumes

Its been almost a year since I first received samples of 3 of my favorite perfumes by EDEN. I feel bad that I haven't posted about them sooner. I've talked about this brand a lot on social media but not on the blog.

I have purchased some full-sized scents and accidentally bought a 'wrong' scent that turned out to smell delightful.

So EDEN creates plant-based perfumes, they can mimic some of our favorite commercial scents. I stopped wearing perfume a long time ago because I didn't want to place the not so clean ingredients on my skin.

I am honestly so grateful for this brand. I mean its absolutely genius really! The two scents I've purchased are 90 & 43. 90 mimics Valentina by Valentino and honestly, I smell no difference. This is my favourite perfume ever! 43 mimics Dior pure poison I've never actually owned this scent but it smells very lovely. I was supposed to order 53 which is Dior hypnotic poison and somehow got confused between the words hypnotic and pure?! Anyway, it doesn't matter because I now have two beautiful scents. Hypnotic is next on my list though as it's also a firm favorite!

EDEN offers a refill service in their Brighton store or alternatively, you can send back your bottles and request refills, how amazing is that? Not to mention they charge slightly less for refills so you get to save money too! They offer 2 sizes 30ml and 50ml I opted for 50ml just because in the long run ill save more money on refills. But I will purchase a couple of 30ml for a handbag friendly size! If you're unsure you can also pick up one of their gift boxes where you can try 3 10ml samples of 3 of your favorite scents before purchasing a full size! I've kept my little bottles and actually keep one in my handbag for top ups though I rarely need to top up as they scents do linger!

I actually would love to visit their store one day so I can SMELL EVERYTHING and hopefully walk away with a couple of new perfumes.

All you need to do is type in your favorite commercial scent on the search bar on Eden's website and it will offer you the number if it has a dupe. The other thing is that these scents cost a fraction of what your commercial brand would charge for an almost identical scent. I know what ill be buying my family for Christmas! EDEN perfumes for all. They do men's as well. All of the perfumes are vegan too!

Whats your favorite scent?

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