Saturday, 15 December 2018

A last minute gift guide for sustainable shoppers...

I can’t believe Christmas is in 10 days!!! WHAT?! Am I organised? NOPE!!! I’ve put together a small gift guide to help you with some last minute gift idea’s. This year I wanted to try and keep things zero waste as that’s something I’m really aiming to improve amd focus on in the new year.

First up we have white spring bamboo straws. These are the perfect gift for pretty much everyone! At £8.99 they’re reasonably priced and of course they are reusable so they’ll last a lifetime. White spring bamboo straws will help you reduce your plastic waste, you can carry them anywhere with you in the handy little bag that comes provided with each box. There are variants of bore sizes between 5-8mm! They can be used for hot and cold beverages. Bamboo is natural, antibacterial and 100% biodegradable. Each pack provides two cleaning brushes that fit snuggly into the straws so you can give them a really good clean.

Lingerie is always the perfect gift for any lady at any time of year not just Christmas. Zuela are an ethical lingerie brand you’ll instantly fall in love with. The softest most beautiful underwear ever. You can go onto the website and click the link ‘find your fit’ this is especially great for men buying for their partners (I used to work in lingerie stores and the poor guys didn’t know where to start!) take the quiz (tip: check her bra and panty size from pairs she regularly wears, just don’t get caught!) Zuela incorporates a pocket full of crystals into each bra to help promote wellbeing in order to help mental health. I’m a huge fan of crystals and their energy so I’ve truly fallen for this brand. The founder of Zuela struggled with mental health and it was through that struggle Zuela was born! I love that she created crystal wear, she says a crystal bra isn’t going to be the sole reason you’ll heal yourself but it’s the first piece of clothing you put on in the morning and she hopes it will remind you to be kind to yourself - I love this so much! You can also get your hands on the ‘put your positive pants on’ tee and help spread awareness for mental health ♥️

The Zuela Cyrtal cracker is a pretty luxe cracker but if you know someone struggling with mental health this could really enlighten them and offer a different method of healing. Each cracker contains a surprise crystal goody!

Shop unnown, a brand that will be launching on 17.12.18 that stocks carefully curated clean beauty exclusively from the U.S without the HUGE tax fee’s etc that we all HATE when buying overseas!!! You can sign up online. Then Purchase an E-voucher for the beauty lovers in your life!

And finally for the fashion lovers you can get your hands on some ethical clothing from KLOW fashion, use CODE XMAS-NATURELOISE15 for 15% off your entire order. My favourite picks are...
I hope you all have a merry time this Christmas,
Eloise x

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