Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Autumn/Winter base products for natural finish

Hey guys, I thought I would share with you my autumn/winter make up basics!? I haven't done anything like this for a long time, however, I have been getting a lot of compliments while wearing minimal makeup as of late and felt it was only fair to share my secrets! I've not really been wearing eye make up because, well, wind! It makes my eyes water like crazy!!!

I don't actually cleanse my face in the mornings. Some of you might think that that's a little bit crazy or maybe a little bit gross! But Salma Hayek doesn't and that woman is getting better looking with age so I'm taking this leaf out of her book in hopes I age well too! I will cleanse around my eyes etc in case there is any leftover makeup on my lashes etc I've been using a micellar water for that which I reviewed here.

My first step is applying Alteya organics Rosehip oil to my entire face (this is a super affordable rosehip oil) I need it for the extra moisture during the winter months and this is perfect! Also, anti-aging so ya! I then apply my primer I've been using a firm favorite 100% pure, another one I really like is the Inika illuminating primer. This one is incredible it's got hyaluronic and treats your skin like it's skincare as well as being the perfect base to a foundation. I then add a little more rosehip oil over the top of my primer before applying the Ere Perez concealer. I would go as far as saying this concealer is as good as the RMS uncover up as it doesn't contain coconut oil which causes my skin to react and breakout and dry up! Plus it's a whole £11 cheaper! It's the perfect dupe for sure. I've been using this instead of a foundation just because I wanted a more matte base. I apply it in two different shades and use the lighter shade over blemishes, scars, spots, pigmentation and under eyes. Then I kind of roughly contour with the darker shade. I want to get an even deeper shade so I can use it instead of powder for a bronze! Read more about the product here. I then finish off with a little more rosehip oil on my nose and cheek bones instead of a highlighter!

This is a really minimal, easy everyday make up look that looks very natural and feels very hydrating! People have said that my skin looks airbrushed which is a very nice compliment. It doesn't look half as good without the makeup on! I love the arnica concealer because it's minimal ingredients and it's very healing for spots!

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