Tuesday, 8 January 2019

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I desperately need some winter clothes. I don't cope well in the colder months. If I have learnt something since switching to ethical clothes its that I tend to not buy many winter friendly garments. Sightly stupid of me really considering I'm cold 80% of the year!

Anyway I thought I would curate a wish list post I've never done one before and thought I would share with you all the beautiful ethical garments that I can't wait to purchase.

When shopping with fast fashion stores someone is making a lot of money, that someone certainly isn't the dressmaker! So if you're gonna invest in some winter clothing invest in something that will last for a really long time. 

Everlane search for the best factories those that offer fair wage, reasonable hours and a safe environment for the workers. Each garment is designed to last, not break so you that you are forced to replace it with the next 'in style' item! 

With regards to pricing they use a term called radical transparency where they show you how much each garment cost to make. I think this is great I love brands that are really open and honest. They also sometimes have offers where you can choose what you pay and they will offer you 3 price ranges and you simply pick which one you can afford. This is great for those that can't always afford ethical price tags. 

The way I look at it is you can buy 10 jumpers for £10 each that will wash poorly, look old within a month and possibly fall apart, or you'll get bored of its 'fashion statement' whereas buying ethically you are buying classic style's that will always be on trend. The key to good style is having your own uniqueness and the way you wear and pair garments! You may spend almost £100 on one jumper but it'll last you forever!

1. RENEW Fleece sweater IN EVERY COLOUR please!!!

2. RENEW Puffy puff in mustard gold

3. RENEW short puffer in emerald

4. The soft cotton square crew in pale pink and ochre

5. The cotton long sleeved crew in heather grey and pale pink

9. The bodysuit in pale pink

11. The pima micro rib in heather grey

12. The cheeky straight jean in sky blue

I hope you enjoy shopping my wish list,


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