Wednesday, 2 January 2019

RMS|wild with desire|swatches & reviews

I can’t go anywhere without lipstick on. Or at least lip liner. I feel naked if I don’t have something on my lips!

I only suit particular tones. Anything too pink is an absolute NO for me.

My 3 favourite tones are purples, reds and nudes with a hint of brown or orange. It’s a specific type of neutral tone that is barely visible that one likes!

I have found 3 perfect lipstick shades by RMS and I wanted to share my new collection with you. The packaging is simplistic which I love and they’re long which I feel looks more luxe than average sized lipsticks!

Brain teaser was my first RMS lipstick. And I’ve been addicted ever since. I played it safe and went for a nude, I usually always pick nude shades that will work well with my natural lip colour and skin tone. It has very subtle pink hues but the brown undertones really come through on my lips which I love!

Rapture is my perfect red lipstick, it’s red with orange undertones. I do love a cherry red but I have lots and really wanted to try something a little different and I’m happy I did because this shade works perfectly with my skin tone.

Russian roulette has deep berry tones. It’s a beautiful purple/red. Sometimes I gently dab it onto my lips for a light stain, ideal for day time. But I love how deep and pigmented it is even with just one swipe.

The RMS wild with desire lipsticks are very hydrating I’m assuming this is because they contain RMS beauty oil. They’re long lasting, they feel creamy when applying. They are very pigmented. Easy to apply. The lipsticks do not feather and I’ve not had any tooth mishaps while wearing bright shades. If you know you know!
rapture, brain teaser, Russian roulette.


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