Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Roman's recycled coat

Plastic pollution is such a huge problem. Finally it’s grabbed attention of mainstream media. This means more and more people are trying to go plastic free. As much as it’s down to us as consumers it’s also down to brands. Not enough brands are aware, I say aware I’m sure they are. They’re just to lazy to do anything about it or maybe too greedy to spend money on alternative packaging or reconsidering their production and manufacturers. I’m not saint when it comes to plastic, once too often I still forget to take my fabric bags to the store and whine up carrying everything in my arms and dropping things or I give in and get a plastic carry bag!!! The coop now do biodegradable bags personally I think all stores should make this switch.

Apparently only 30% of plastic here in the UK is currently recycled that’s a pretty pathetic amount. There are sooo many alternatives. And easy ways to ditch single use plastic. It is possible to live in a world with no plastic (I think) surely we once lived without this man made material and got on alright, right?!

I don’t know many facts about the plastic pollution so I won’t pretend like I’m highly knowledgable on the subject but I do know it’s killing our planet and therefore could potentially be the death of human race and all other living beings. Except those on other planets, maybe...

Last year I became very conscious of my plastic use. Making sure wherever I go I took a reusable bottle so that I didn’t have to purchase water in plastic bottles. So many places here in Bristol offer water refills too which is fab. You can take your own bamboo straws to pubs and clubs instead of using their plastic straws I like these from white spring. Trying to priorities buying fruit and veggies not wrapped up. And just overall trying to think about everything that comes with plastic. Switching my toothbrushes too bamboo. My razor to a changeable razor head, I do want to get a safety razor, that’s on the list this year! If you know any other ways I can reduce plastic waste please let me know.

I was so happy to find this coat in Zara made from recycled bottles. Ok it’s not ethical, but the fact that stores like Zara are doing their bit to make a different is amazing. The more high street stores that start to become more conscious the better. More and more brands and stores are looking at ways to reduce waste, the fabrics they use and whom they partner with, in their work chains.

Have you bought anything new made from recycled plastic?

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