Friday, 22 February 2019

Good bubble: Tear free tangles

Bath time, for me is relaxation. For my children. Torture! Or at least the way they scream and cry at me for washing their hair feels like it. They literally go crazy I worry what my neighbour thinks during this half hour period...

I’m thinking I need some kind of gadget like a visor type hat thing that stops the water going into their eyes! Is this a thing? This should be a thing...

Why I don’t like using commercial brands on my beautiful little babies!? Because.... toxic ingredients!!! Did you know that the skin is very absorbent and a certain percentage I don’t know all the statistics, google it! A certain percentage of that product will enter the blood stream. Which is a bit scary. My innocent little children fresh from the safety of my womb into a world of nasty chemicals that they breath in daily. I don’t want to add more nasties to their little systems. Truth be told half the ingredients in commercial brands are absolutely pointless. They’re there for cheap fillers and nothing more. Some baby products contain very hazardous ingredients too and just because your little ones skin doesn’t break out in a rash etc doesn’t mean it’s not doing any harm. I hope you will also enjoy Good bubble products for your babies/children they're super affordable and free from nasties!

I mainly washed the children in water and nothing else throughout their lives so far unless, one of them has shat themselves all up their back. If you know, you know!!!

As for moisture they don’t really need lotions and potions. Have you seen baby skin? It’s smooth as fuck. Wish I had baby skin again!!!

But I get it lotions are nice for baby massage and extra cold weathers to keep skin super hydrated.

This is why I wanted to share Good bubble products with all you parents. They are so affordable. Free from all the nasties. A small amount of product goes a long way so you get good use for ya buck! But most of all they SMELL flipping awesome. I mean, caution you might want to eat your child after bath time. So not suitable for those with a sweet tooth.

Oh and they work... which is very useful information I was spending a fortune on a natural de-tangler for my sons unruly locks. His hair is wavy but very long. The knots he curates in a day is beyond me and boy did he HATE having his hair washed and brushed. But not anymore not since using Good bubble. We literally have TEAR FREE TANGLES. I can’t believe it. I think I will actually do an IGTV video to prove this. This is the first time in history my boy has had a tear free hair brush and I am so grateful for this amazing product which is, hmmm I’m not good at math especially fractions but this product cost 5 times less than the other natural product I was using on him so I am very happy about that!

They have cute little baby cloths too, which you can purchase in  a set here. Or you can purchase Clara or Dexter on their own here!


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