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Ditching toxins: Everyday essentials

This series has been inspired by the beauties that are Ftoxins. You've no idea how much pleasure I get by calling them the 'FUCK toxin girls' I need a swear jar for reals. If you don't know about the Ftoxin girls let me explain a little about them and what they do! Delphine and Ariane are sisters. They take a well known popular product and they offer you a suitable dupe! One that is free from all them fucking toxins! Check out their Instagram and blog!

A while ago I asked if you, my IG followers would like me to offer toxic free dupes. I originally offered this as just skincare and makeup. Then I had an epiphany and figured why not create a six part series. Essentials, cleaning, skincare, bodycare, haircare and of course makeup! 

Not many bloggers touch base with things like toothpaste, shower gel and hand wash etc. Its boring I suppose. But some of these daily essentials are jam packed with frightening ingredients and so I hope these alternatives can help you make an easy informed switch.

Remember just because something says 'oils from nature' or 'natural ingredients' that it doesn't necessarily mean that it's toxic free. Only a small percentage of ingredients need be natural for the product to be deemed 'natural'. There is a whole lot of green washing going on out there.

So first up we have toothpaste, something important for oral hygiene that we use twice daily. In most brands you’ll find ingredients such as hydrated silica, which is an abrasive and is used to cause enamel erosion which is a pretty stupid idea considering enamel is there to protect our teeth! You’ll most likely find sorbitol, a sweetener, again, kinda stupid ingredient not to mention it’s poorly absorbed by the small intestine. SLS aka, sodium laurel sulphate something that should not be entering ones mouth is another common paste ingredient which can cause organ toxicity and neurotoxicity and has also been linked to cancers. SLS is an irritant for the skin so it’s not something you wanna be washing ya mouth with. Fluoride is a taboo ingredient personally I have been fluoride free for around 4-5 years and my teeth are doing just fine. So is my third eye 😜

So our first clean switch is this toothpaste by Green people. The first ingredient is actually calcium carbonate which is a gentle abrasive to help remove plaque. It contains organic Aloe Vera, spearmint and peppermint. It has antibacterial and anti microbial action. Both me and my children get on well using this, they do also do a mandarin flavour which is ideal for young children that don’t like the minty flavour.

Deodorant is something we use daily, this took me a long time to find a decent alternative. It took me years of trial and errors. I feel like it’s a personal thing and not one product would fit all. One of the ingredients in common brands are Aluminium chlorohydrate which has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. That alone was enough for me to stop using conventional deodorants.
Try switching to Weleda pomegranate roll on , or if you prefer a spray I highly recommend the weleda spray. You really shouldn't be trying to stop your body from sweating. It is a normal human bodily function just like peeing and pooping! But I do understand wanting to stop sweat sometimes for occasions and that's ok. I wish I could go deodorant free but it just didn't suit me I am super sweaty haha. However if I am not leaving the house or seeing anyone I don't bother.

Hand soap is used on a regular basis throughout the day, weather you use a bar of soap or hand wash. You might find some nasty surprises inside this everyday essential such as, SLS and acrylics and polymeres along with synethic fragrance. 
You would benefit much more from using Greenfrogs botanic handwash which contains Aloe and geranium. It is slightly more expensive than your average handwash however I always use this brand and they last us ages. For an affordable alternative you could use a bar of soap such as this ORGANii one which can double as body wash too! And bar's of soap last forever don't they? 

Maybe not essential but commonly used is hand cream. One I often see people pull out is Neutrogena hand cream, I used to use this all the time! One of the scariest ingredients in this product is
Ethylhexylglycerin. Proven cancer risk, endocrine disruption, organ system toxicity, and skin irritation. Not something you wanna put on your hands!

This ORGANii hand cream is the perfect switch its very affordable. If you can afford something a little more then i highly recommend Alteya hand cream I highly rate Alteya as a brand their products are affordable, full of goodness and they always do what they say they'll do! At a glance the first few ingredients, Aloe, Shea and rose all super hydrating especially ideal for winter protection.

I hope that you've found this article useful and that the recommendations are suitable for you. If not have a look around the Love Lula website there are so many wonderful alternatives! Stay tuned for the next edition!



  1. Hi, essential oils are sensitising as well. So you may want to look into ditching those also.
    The Jason Aloe Vera deodorant stick has ethylhexylglycerin in it, by the way.

    1. Thank you for spotting that. I think I will be avoiding Jason products from now on. can you please explain more about the EO's. i ditched them for a while for ethical reasons but started using again for healing and mediceinal purposes!



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