Thursday, 14 March 2019

Ethical jewelry by Ingle & Rhode

Ingle & rhode sent me some beautiful silver love knot diamond earrings. I don’t wear earrings often despite having my ears pierced twice. But since receiving these stunning petite studs I haven’t stopped wearing them. They make me feel extra even when I’m wearing minimal to no make up.

It just gives you that extra glow. They came beautifully packaged in a lovely bag. And designated box to store them when I am not wearing them to keep them safe.

I feel like ethical jewellery is important, real jewels are something we need to go back to! I have my mothers gold stork necklace that I wear for special occasions or when I feel like I need to be close to her (she passed away). Today we are bombarded with cheap, easily breakable, highly irritable, pretend jewellery. You can pick up a pair of diamante earrings that look like the real deal but will last maybe one evening out before they 'go off'. By that term I mean when they go all rusty and have that weird smell. Or when they snap or the little glued in gem falls out!

Where as with Ingle & Rhode jewellery it’s an investment, a heirloom one you can pass down to generation after generation. I love that I have my mother’s necklace it’s a significant piece in my life and one of the very few things I have left of my mother.

About Ingle & rhode...
Ingle & rhode use fully traceable diamonds in their collections which means they’re guaranteed an ethical diamond! They also source all their metals sustainably too, they use fair trade gold, fair minded silver and recycled platinum. Not only are you buying beautiful jewellery you are buying thoughtfully and consciously with ingle & rhode!
Ingle and rhode are conscious about everything material they source. They use Canadian diamonds that are mined under strict regulations. They even source their gemstones ethically they use a range of gem stones including ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite, peridot, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, and tourmaline!

They stock a range of beautiful jewellery including, wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings, made to order, necklaces and earrings.

How about designing your own ring? With the bespoke experience you can do just that. Click here to share your ideas with the ingle & rhode team. This way you can create a stunning piece that is personal to you and completely ethically sourced.

I can’t wait to invest in some more jewels from the incredible brand.

*this item was sent to me, all opinions are my own.



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