Wednesday, 24 April 2019

s5|renew eye cream|review

Under eyes have always been the least of my skincare priorities, I mean I started using eye cream at age 21. But I wasn't strict on it. I'll tell you now... it's my biggest regret. At the ripe age of 27, can I say that? Is 27 classed as a ripe age? IDK. My eyes are the first area that is showing signs of ageing! I was so glad when the s5 girls sent me the renew eye cream I was delighted to give it a try.

The box says:
A 3-in-1 solution for eyes, designed for dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.
Pffafia / Marapuma /White Lily: reduce the appearance of dark circles and improve puffiness.
Antarctic Glycoproteins: reduce the appearance of wrinkles and support collagen production.
Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: hydrates, soothes and plumps up the appearance of wrinkles
My thoughts:
This has been one of the best additions to my skincare routine. I have noticed a huge difference. My eyes are the first area to dry out on my face, making makeup look blotchy etc. But since using this my eye area stays hydrated and looks dewy. The texture is lovely, lightweight and absorbs into the skin. It feels super soothing when applying. My eyes are no longer puffy. The skin feels firmer and I just generally look more awake. It smells amazing too which is always a bonus for me! I love the minimalistic branding. The packaging isn't too bad for eco worriers either as it has minimal plastic and it packaged in glass then cardboard. TIP: Save the bottles/tubs for vaccay you can then pump a little of each of your chosen travel products into the spare bottles/tubs to keep your luggage weight down! Or incase you're like me and loose things, or over pack coming home so you have to wear the entirety of your closet at once!
*This product was gifted with no obligation to post.

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