Friday, 26 April 2019

Transitioning to sustainable living: TIPS

I attended a sustainable fashion event a little while ago in london, the new generation. It was very inspiring and I learnt an awful lot. I was lucky enough to be a panellist, I hope I taught the listeners something!

I wanted to write up an article that might help some of you lead a more sustainable, ethical and natural lifestyle. Its ALOT to change I wont lie. But you don't have to change your entire life and routine over night. Nobody could do that sanely. So we got to my first tip...

Start small & work your way up:
I started by cleaning up my skincare/body care. But I would advise everyone to pick whatever feels right for you. single use plastic is a great place to start. Making a conscious choice to not buy anything that comes in plastic will have a huge impact on not only the planet but sea life, wild life and of course human life!

Read & research:
You cant make a positive change if you don't really understand what the issue is. There are tons of blogs, instagram accounts, databases, books and magazines that are easily accessible offering amazing information and knowledge. The main thing is too think about the process of a product.
Where was it made?
Who made it?
What is it made from?
What is it packaged in?
You can start by supporting local/indie brands/businesses.

Carefully consume:
Don't buy something just because its ascetically pleasing. Buy things because you need them or because they bring you deep joy. don't buy things just because of the brand name, or because Kylie fucking Jenner is wearing it. or because a celebrity threw their name on it. I call these types of shoppers, brand whores! HA I used to be such a brand whore.

Instead of buying 10 garments that come to the value of £100. Why not INVEST in 2 garments that come to the value of £100. You're probably thinking, I'm missing a bargain here. But no. Those cheaply poorly made over processed garments wont last you very long. A year if you're really lucky. Where as with organic fabric, sustainable ethos and ethical garments that are made by hands of people who are happy, payed fairly and working in lovely safe working environments, those garments will last you a lifetime! You can be stylish without having 20 of the same thing in different colours. Style comes with personality not just through the expression of clothing.
Alessia said at the event, 'you don't have to quit shopping in Zara, just buy less from Zara!'

Look out for brands that offer organic, ethical, recycled or conscious collections. Their are many high street brand getting involved and doing their bit to help change the fashion industry.

The same goes for food and other products. Only  buy what you need. use things up before you replace them. Donate and recycle or upcycle what you no longer need/want.

Buy local:
Switching up your groceries shop. Have a search in your town if you have a zero waste shop here in bristol we are lucky to have a few options two of which are  ? & ? we also have a great selection of green grocers. I like to support local grocers such as hugo's where the food is organic! By doing half my months food shop at these places means I'm reducing my impact on the planet a lot.


  1. Love this article, such a great guide! I would love to buy locally but there is not that much choice in my area. So far I haven't managed to find any organic food shops around me but I need to do more research and see which shop is the closest.

    1. That's such a shame. Which city are you located? Im lucky here in Bristol we have so many businesses doing their bit. It's not always down to the consumer it's great that you are looking for alternatives and I hope that soon you can find local produce xx



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