Monday, 20 May 2019

SKINCARE: updated

I asked the Love Lula beauty group on Facebook if they could recommend a gentle but effective exfoliating product and someone recommended Bia beauty grapefruit cleanser and exfoliate. I’d previously never heard of the brand. One look at the ingredients and I was delighted to see that there were no coconut derived ingredients (read here to find out why I avoid coconut!)

After the first use I was super impressed. My skin was previously very congested and felt really horrible to touch. But after one use it was clearer and felt smooth. A small amount of product is needed to achieve these results which is always a bonus. I love a product that lasts. I am on my second tub of the Bia beauty cleanse and exfoliate and I'm about to purchase another. I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna stick with this for life! I love the simplicity of the ingredients list. Everything makes sense and nothing sounds too scientific. The product is gentle enough to use on a daily basis. I use it every night before bed! The appearance of my skin is much more pleasing its brighter, less break outs and no congestion or dryness!

Another game changer I have added to my regime is from lyonsleaf. I’ve known about lyonsleaf for so long yet I’ve never really given their products a try. I don’t know why. I’m actually mad at myself for not trying this cleanser before! It’s taken me a while to figure out which type of cleansers I prefer or rather my skin prefers. There are so many to choose from, foam, oil, balm, cream, clay to name a few! But it would seam that my skin most prefers balm/oil cleansers. Since using the lyonsleaf beauty balm cleanser I’ve noticed a massive improvement in the appearance of my skin. It’s more hydrated. It looks more youthful. I’m left with a natural dewy glow. I'm actually on my third tub! I can't see me changing from this product it's done me good through autumn, winter and spring so far!

So that's a little update on my skincare. I do have a few other products that I have just recently added so keep an eye out for post's on them!

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  1. oooh the grapefruit cleanser sounds like something my skin will love x



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