Monday, 17 June 2019

INNERSENSES|glow facial oil|review

I've been using the Innersenses glow facial oil for the past year, I am disappointed with myself that I haven't actually shared this product with you all yet. It's been a real game changer for my beauty routine. Last year when I was suffering with acne my skin was actually also very dry. Most people assume acne prone skin is very oily but this isn't always the case. I feel like this oil has really helped with the healing process. My skin is super hydrated but not greasy.

The box says
GLOW face oil is a nourishing and rejuvenating skin superfood, packed with organic nutrients and the beautiful aroma of Neroli/Orange Flowers.
Suitable for all skin types especially dry and combination, GLOW is light, easily absorbed, and can be used morning and evening to maintain a healthy complexion.
GLOW can also be used as a primer prior to applying make-up, giving a dewy canvas on which make-up can be applied more easily and with beautiful results.
This product is 97% organic and 100% natural

My thoughts
First of all I love that this contains 97% organic ingredients and this is probably one of the main reasons this oil works so incredibly well - I feel like this is a luxury product with a budget price tag! Some oils that are super expensive are full of pointless garbage ingredients that offer no skin benefits at all. I really appreciate as a consumer the price of this product all of her oils vary in prices and I feel that's a reflection of the ingredient list's as appose to robbing us all so I really respect that.

It's a perfect lightweight oil that I use both morning and night. I apply a generous amount beneath my make before applying the REN perfect canvas 'primer/serum'. They work simultaneously together to offer me the perfect dewy canvas to apply makeup! I love that my skin is being spoiled with good ingredients whilst wearing make up.I also love using this as a dewy primer and then spot cover with the Ere perez arnica concealer for a natural no make up look.

I love dewy skin and this is literally glow in a bottle, not just in the sense of making your skin dewy/glowy but my complexion actually looks glowy thanks to its ingredients. And of course it has the most wonderful scent. I am looking into a few other oils from the Innersenses range and I have no doubts about how amazing these products are going to work.

Any questions about this product? Just ask :) xx

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