Wednesday, 25 September 2019

INFUSE MY COLOUR | platinum shampoo | review

Hey babes If ya didn't know, recently I decided to go blonde. I heard blonde's have more fun (can't really vouch for that tbh) But I can say that being blonde has been a little fun! Except of course the times when thing's went a little wrong, for example brassy/yellowing tones making an appearance when I had more of a ash-cool blonde in mind.

Thanks to Infuse my colour I was able to easily knock out the unwanted brass and yellow tones that were scattered throughout my hair. I can compare this to another 'natural' brand of 'silver' shampoo that didn't work for me in the slightest. But infuse my colour worked miracles I was very impressed and happy that i wouldn't have to apply more bleach to my hair.

It has a beautiful rich purple colour and a wonderful smell. I used both of wet and dry hair. For example as a toner on really tough to budge brass sections I simply apply it to dry hair and left for around 20 minutes before shampooing.

Using more often at the beginning of my blonde journey and now I have been able to use it just once per week to keep my blonde looking fresh and cool.

I am now bored of being blonde and will slowly being going back to the dark side. But while I've been blonde this has been the perfect addition. It's non drying and people have constantly commented on how well my blonde hair looks considering I didn't do it in stages. 

They offer a range of toning shampoo in different shades for all colour types!

*Product chose by myself via the LLABP. All thoughts are my own.

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