Wednesday, 18 September 2019

NYR|Orange flower shampoo|review

Do you remember ages back, when I discovered my skin didn't like coconut & alll of it's derivatives. I went through this entire phase of not shampooing my hair, because every shampoo literally EVERY had coconut or a derivative. I ended up washing my hair with clay, which I loved and still do occasionally. If you're interested you can read here.

Since then, I've tried two different poo's! But the one myself, my hair and my scalp enjoyed the most, was this beauty by Neals yard! It does contain coco-glucoside but I'm not sure if theirs is derived from coconut or corn. Also it contains Cocamidopropyl, again I'm not sure if the grade is coconut derived. I'm assuming not because I don't react. Either that or I'm not reacting to these specific derivatives. 

Anyways, I'm only mentioning this because I had soooo many of you message me regarding a coconut free shampoo. but I have genuinely found nothing on the clean beauty market. But I wanted to share this one as it's working for me so maybe it will work well for you too!

The box says:
Our revitalising shampoo restores a natural shine to normal hair. The nutrient-rich blend of moringa, camellia, passion flower and neroli nourishes and cleanses your hair and scalp.
All our shampoos have a natural low lathering foam to avoid stripping away the hair’s natural oils, which can leave it feeling brittle and dry as well as irritating the scalp.
  • For normal hair
  • Floral blend of essential oils
  • Restores natural shine
  • Low lathering foam
My thoughts:
My first impressions. SHOOK. I was so happy to be able to reintroduce shampoo again. It's much better for a fast hair wash. The scent is incredible, everyone loves great smelling locks. My hair has been much shinier since using this shampoo. It definitely looks and feels more hydrated. I probably use far to much because until reading on their website writing this review I didn't realise their products are purposely low lathering (which is ideal for curly hair). So I will cut back to save on product! Regardless of the fact that I've been using far to much product I have still only managed to go through 3 bottles in just short of a year so that's a lot of product for your money. My scalp dryness is completely gone. I do wash my hair pretty much every day, I find if I don't my scalp becomes severely irritated. This product is gentle enough for me to wash my hair and scalp everyday without stripping it from all the natural oils. I may take a little look at their other shampoo's to see if there are any others I'd like to try!

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