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Why is my hair falling out? How you can stop it.

Let’s talk about hairloss. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know hairloss has been something I’ve battled on many occasions. I have had so many people reach out asking for my help with their hairloss o wanted to create a post focusing on hair loss. I did a poll a while back and yall voted for this so here we go.

Reasons for hairloss vary from woman to woman or man, maybe you’re a man struggling with hair loss! I want to highlight the reasons I’ve had hairloss and hair thinning and discuss a few things that have helped.

So considering this time my hair loss is due to PCOS and androgen dominance we will start with that!

Hormone imbalance

Hormones play a huge part in hairloss, sometimes when I’ve had even just minor imbalance (not enough to show on blood tests) but obvious enough from symptoms - my hair has become thinner.

Signs of hormone imbalance are:

Mood swings
Period problems
Sleep issues (insomnia)
Excessive sweating
Dry skin
Sensitive to heat or cold
Weight gain weight loss (unexplained)
Blood sugar issues
Tender breasts
Low libido
Dry vagina
Bulging neck
Weakness in muscles
Brain fog

The problem with hormones is, that it’s hard to detect imbalance from blood tests unless something is severely out or for example you have PCOS (please if you think you have PCOS head to my IG @natureloise and checkout the highlight hopefully I can direct you towards help ♥️) if our hormones are out even slightly it can cause lots of problems which personally I find ends up in the vicious circle because you’re never really sure where to start in your healing.

Here’s what is helping:

Herbal medicine

Reducing stress is so important, so I’m making small changes to help reduce my daily stressors. I’ve even gone so far as to rid certain people from my life - if anything is causing you anxiety or bringing toxic energy to your well being LET IT GO. I allow myself to cry when I need to (it’s been a tough year) suppressing emotions can cause all sorts of dis ease in our bodies. Allowing yourself to be aware of your thoughts and feeling is important even if you do cry. Ways I’ve dealt with dermatitis in my scalp (flares up badly week prior to my period) I’ve been using hopes relief conditioner it’s incredible and I couldn’t live without it. I’m so grateful for this product as I tried many and everything irritates the dermatitis more! This is like a moisturiser for my scalp I love it. Focus on balancing you hormones one day at a time. A nutritionist is a great idea but hormones are also very appreciative of herbs too! Follow me on IG for my updates on PCOS which is also ideal for those with minor hormone imbalance.


Now this can cause alopecia and a bunch of other stuff. So take steps to de stress. I always thought I was a pretty stress free kinda girl but of course I’m not, not when I’m riddled with anxiety on a daily.

Here’s what is helping:

Organisation skills (training 👀 imma do a entire blog on this once I am a pro)

Practising gratitude (looking at everything you’re grateful for helps you realise it’s not so bad and that you’ve got so many things to be happy about - even through the hardest times)

Self care (we say this all the time but it really works even just one thing per day no matter how small)

Exercise (find what you love may it be weight training, yoga, running, dancing/freestyling whatever it is make sure you enjoy it)


Deficiency can cause hair loss for example vitamin A, B, C & D, iron/Ferritin, biotin, folate and zinc can all cause hair loss if you’re lacking. So blood tests to check these are ideal. Most commonly especially for me my hair loss has been due to vitamin D deficiency, vitamin A (when I was vegan) and Ferratin. Even if your GP says you’re in normal range ask for the results in numbers so you can keep track and check your levels online. For example normal Fe ranges from 14-150 but my hair thrives between (40-90) anything lower and my hair will fall, my skin will become very pale, I will slowly become anaemic. It’s just something to consider because every body is built differently therefore we all thrive on different levels. Again for vitamin D I function better at the higher end of the scale.


Don’t know so much about this one but I know the thyroid is very important so do your best to keep it healthy (diet changes are the best way) but I know this is a common factor for hair loss in many women. Always ask your GP for thyroid test.

I hope this post helps give you an insight to what might be the cause of your hair loss and things that you can look into and research ask your GPs etc.

I cant suggest one miracle solution. But here are a few things that have helped me and I hope they can help you too!

  • Magnesium bath salts
  • Isla apothecary nourishing hair oil (full review here)
  • Hope's releif conditioner (full review here)
  • Regular hair cuts (every 8ish weeks)
  • Massage/scalp massage
  • Deep scalp puryfying serum (full review here)
  • Dr hauschka hair & scalp tonic (full review here)
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbs
  • Guided meditations
  • Fun (comedies and doing things you love to stimulate happy hormones)
  • Gratitude
  • Lavender essential oil with scalp massage
  • Some say castor oil is great (try it) personally I find it clogs my scalp too much and makes my hair loss worse.
  • Washing hair over the bath with warm/cold water (hot can cause damage)
  • Brushing hair morning and night (curls, textured/afro hair types, maybe use a scalp massaging device or finger tips)
  • Wigs (to hide balding or thining, this is something I have recently done its helped me to reduce my stress, anxiety and emotions towards what is happening to my hair, its also allowing me to wash my hair less, protecting my curls from the cold winter weather, protecting my curls in general because I don't want to keep using heat just to feel confident with my hair styling - so bad hair days now = wig days and I love K'YRSMMA wigs from amazon, hand made lace front synthetic and affordable)
I think products and lifestyle changes are essential for the condition of our hair and scalp. I personally think its the perfect balance of both and finding what works for you. But I spent so much time researching that I wanted to have a guide put together for everytime I receive a message about hairloss!

Take care and remember you are beautiful regardless of your hair loss x

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