Tuesday, 31 December 2019

2019 beauty favourites

Hi Guys before I get started I want to wish you all an incredible new year. And an incredible new decade. I've learnt so many lessons in this last year Its been the toughest year of my life but I am so grateful for all that it has taught me. I feel so blessed and content. The past decade has been this incredible scary amazing journey and I'm smarter than I ever knew I'd be. I've hit rock bottom many times but I've also been lucky enough to experience some of the most incredible experiences and moments and feelings of my life. So that's what I'm taking with me from this past decade... Growth and gratitude :) Thank you all for your support and just know that I love writing this little blog and I hope that it helps you in some kind of way.

I thought I would do a round up of all my favourite finds from 2019! I found some gems this year that have stuck with me (I may sneak a few in from the year before too but that's because they're totally worthy!!!)

Beautiful oil for day and night, also works great beneath makeup. Perfect for when my skin is dry, oily or anything in between.

This has helped with my hair loss, keeping my scalp dermatitis at bay. It's like a moisturiser for my scalp I couldn't be without it.

My perfect cleanser, especially during winter when my skin starts to dry. A little goes a long way. Super gentle and effective. I love the simplicity of the ingredients list.

4. Neal's yard remedies revitalising orange flower shampoo
This is the only shampoo that doesn't cause a reaction for my scalp dermatitis. Low emulsion and smells delicious.

Don't be put off by the price tag. This product really works. Its skincare as well as primer its my absolute FAV! Filter in a bottle as I like to say.

If you know me well you know I cant get enough of this concealer, I use it as my daily base. It works just like a foundation if I want it too otherwise it's my favourite concealer! Perfect for under eyes as well as blemishes scars zits pigmentation etc. If your skin is dryer try adding the GLOW facial oil they work perfect together.

7. Vegan brushes...
I finally found a beautiful foundation brush! As well as two eye make up brushes and a brow brush and I can't recommend them enough.

I love this for hydration and anti ageing purposes. It's also my cheaper go to for beneath makeup hydration!

I love this product for lazy nights (usually after an evening out) Great for makeup removal or quick cleanses!

I've only just started using this foundation and so far I absolutely love it. Some days I have to load my skin with oils and serums before as it is a matte finish and I like to look a little more dewy!



  1. Yearly faves are my jam & I really enjoyed reading Yours! Happy 2020

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Hope your year is going well (other than current circumstances!) xx



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