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MADARA|Makeup|skin equal & cosmic drops|Review

Hello babes

I haven't shared makeup in a while as I am still using the same products because i LOVE them so much. But when i heard the news that madara would be launching a makeup range i was pretty gassed. I adore madara for their luxe skincare range that is affordable and actually works incredibly well. I've reviewed a few of my favourite madara products on the blog over the years.

I was skeptical about the makeup as they're skincare experts, but this actually meant they've created, imma say it, one of thee bestest makeup ranges out there and I've only tried two products thus far! Anyways you know I like to keep my reviews short and snappy so lets get to it.

If you didn’t know by now that I am a foundation addict then now you know! Every time a new foundation comes onto the green beauty scene I’m all over it. Of course checking that it’s free from coconut and coconut derivatives (I avoid coconut oil and coconut derivatives as much as possible as my skin reacts/breaks-out)

I’ve no idea why I am so addicted to foundations I have so many brands that I already love but I guess I’m just always curious to see if I find anything better!?

They’ve named their foundation ‘skin equal’ and I think that name is perfect because it’s supposed to offer a finish that doesn’t look to done up. Yet it offers the perfect amount of coverage. I find this foundation easy to build over concealer and if I want a fuller coverage on blemishes or scars I just dab over the area again. It doesn’t cause drying and doesn’t leave my skin looking scaly. I think finding a great primer is ideal especially if your skin is dryer. The finish is so perfect I can't really explain it, it's not matte and its not dewy its just in-between like the real skin. I add a little of my favourite facial oil (here) before application to offer a slight dew! Overall I’d give this foundation 10/10 I am yet to find a fault. The colour range seams impressive offering a very light porcelain shade right up to a beautiful mocha shade! Currently I wear ivory which is a perfect match while I’m paler during the winter. I'd also like to get shades porcelain and golden sand so I can blend and contour with them. The golden sand will see me through the transitional season too! 

Im so happy that I am always open and curious to try the latest foundations because this is my favourite clean beauty foundation to date. (That doesn't contain anything I'm sensitive too). In the image below I am wearing both the foundation & highlighter. (not edited also not the best lighting as it was a dull day)

I have searched high and low for a highlighter that I could love, finding clean beauty alternatives can sometimes be really difficult especially when it comes to product texture and how it sits on the skin. This is what I found when searching for a highligter. They all enhanced my dry areas or stuck to the skin making it appear really dry. Rather than offering a dewy glow or dramatic beam they just looked stupid. BUT NOT THIS ONE. Oh my gosh it is perfect in every way I knew from the moment I applied it I had found a winning product. It offers a dewy glow, the tiniest bit of product is needed to achieve such dramatic results and when you do build the product up it still offers a natural look and blends seamlessly into the skin. I felt comfortable wearing this out during the day even though the colour is a little bit extra. You can also add this product to your body. I've also used it as a eye glow/shadow. So wether you want a dewy glow or a cosmic beam this is your product. They also have 3 other shades available and I want them all. (Swatches below are unedited in natural light - it was a little gloomy this day too!)

*Products chosen via the LLABP & all opinions are my own.



  1. Thanks for the review. I have a slight addiction to foundations too and I'm trying to swap over to natural more make up so this has been really helpful ��

    1. So happy you found it helpful, Madara are one of my favourite brands and now their makeup line has me hooked! Honestly the best foundation the more I use it the more I love it! xx

  2. Thanks for the review. It made me very curious especially for the drops. It looks beautiful and I love cream and fluid products and not podwer and this looks perfect :)



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