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Immune boosting supplements|Viridian

Hi guys wanted to do a real quick straight to the point post on supplements that I use to keep my immune system strong. While many things play a part in the immune system I do believe that supplements can really help. I priorities these for year round immunity and add extras and extra dose during times like flu season!

One thing that is important and something that I didn’t realise was important is actually the quality of the supplement you’re taking. A lot of brands use fillers and pointless additives. This is why I choose Viridian not only their quality but also because the brand has great ethics. I am able to return my empty pots to my local health food store and receive 25p per pot (which I usually use to go toward another pot of supplements).

*Each supplement highlighted is linked.

Ester-C aka vitamin C (specifically ascorbic acid)
Vitamin C obviously I don’t need to explain this one, I take a lower dose of this year round, one thing you can do with this vitamin C if you become poorly is use the medical medium vitamin C shock - I did this when I had flu. All you need to do is add one capsule (open the capsule into a cup) then add some warm water, honey or maple and some fresh squeezed orange juice or lemon. Take this every 2-3 hours (check medical medium for more information)

Garlic is a natural antibiotic and it is also anti viral. I always keep this stocked in the cupboard. I can’t bare to eat raw garlic so for anyone else that can’t hack the raw garlic or that doesn’t want garlic breath! These are perfect. When I had flu and a sinus infection these actually stopped me from handing in my prescription for antibiotics. I also just spotted they do a ginger capsule ideal if you don't like ginger, personally I have fresh ginger every single day.

I’ve long been taking L-lysine for its gut healing benefits, I believe a healthy gut means healthy human and it’s important to care for the health of our gut. According to medical medium L-lysine strengthens the immune system in the liver. It’s also very important to take care of your liver as it’s one of if not the most important organ in the body.

I started taking this due to b12 deficiency but the more I researched b12 the more I realised many of us actually have a low b12 diet. B12 is important for many things but it’s also a great immune booster. I recommend taking a lower dose if you’ve not been diagnosed with b12 deficiency and the high potency if you are vegan or know that you are low. It might be worth adding a b complex as all b vitamins play a part in immune support the reason I haven't done this is because I react/get a rash when taking b3. But since writing this post I realise the b3 form Viridian use is actually the non reactive one so I will be grabbing some of these when I can. The b complex also contains folate which is important for b12 absorption. The reason i rate this b12 & complex so much is because it contains both forms of b12 unlike most brands that only contaiMethylcobalamin this also contains Adenosylcobalamin.

By now we all know that the sunshine vitamin is very important for immune health. Getting the real thing is important but a top up with Vitamin D3 is also useful I usually take this during the autumn and winter as I become deficient every year despite the amount of sunshine I’ve had.

These berries are absolutely loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. This is our go to whenever we get sick and it’s safe for the children too! Viridian also stock a throat spray which I'm yet to try but it sounds great.

I didn’t realise how powerful this was and definitely lacked it in my diet so now I take 10 drops daily of zinc and you can also do the zinc shock therapy by medical medium at the first signs of illness to help your body recover faster. It’s a bit tough to do as it doesn’t taste that great but worth it for fast immune boosting. Zinc is specifically ideal for upper respiratory infections and great for children. Im currently using a liquid form from another brand after recently having bad flu I used the form (zinc sulfate).

In the future I will focus on some of these supplements on a deeper level because many of them have numerous other health benefits. But for now I wanted to focus on their immune boosting properties and benefits! Stay safe, sending love to you all. If anyone needs anything during this time please message me on my IG @natureloise and I will do my best to help you.

*please note this is what works for me and my family please do your own research.


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