Tuesday, 31 March 2020

My nighttime skincare routine

Hi guys my evening skin routine. It doesn’t involve too many products I like to keep things pretty simple. I’ve been using most of these products for the past year.

Every other night I like to exfoliate using the earth works grapefruit facial exfoliator. This is a new addition so I will try a few others but I really love the balm texture with the grittiness of the fine corn starch I find these types of exfoliating products work best for my skin.
Cruelty free  vegan  minimal waste packaging 

Every night I cleanse my skin using the lyons leaf beauty balm. I absolutely love this product and always end up going back to it if I ever try anything new. I’ve blogged about it before here. I love using the balm for removing makeup too it helps everything just slide off. Its super hydrating. Nourishing. Smells lovely. A little product goes a long way.
 Cruelty free   vegan  fully recyclable packaging 

I spray my face with the Alteya rose water every night before bed I love this for extra moisture and hydrating plus it’s really calming before bed. It also works great to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day on colder days when I might have the heating on higher or longer.
 Cruelty free   vegan  minimal waste packaging  organic 

I then apply the Inner senses oil either glow facial oil or the 7 wonders facial oil which is also nice if I’m going to be doing a body care regimen too as this is an oil that can be used for both face and body. I've blogged about the glow facial oil here. Ill upload a full review of the 7 wonders real soon. I said before I really love this brand because you pay for what you get the products really do work and a small amount goes a long way.
Organic  Minimal waste packaging 

*All products chosen through the LLABP all opinions are my own.

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