Friday, 1 May 2020

Glowing up ft. Clockface beauty & Myroo skincare

I'd been desperately searching for a new exfoliating product since Bia beauty discontinued theirs. It was my fav ever, gentle yet effective. I didn't expect to find a decent replacement.

Then I stumbled upon clock face beauty facial scrub, liked the sound of the ingredients, i thought maybe this could replace my exfoliator. Right i was. ITS AMAZING.

Main benefits I've noticed are:

No more dry skin

Better absorption of other products
Plumper skin
No breakouts
Reduced redness
Scarring is healing

I think I've found a keeper, its gentle yet effective. A little product goes a long way I'm not even half way through the pot yet. My generally looks much healthier than it has in a long time it was really exhausted by winter and this has given my skin the boost that it needed. I really would love to try some of the other products by clock face since i am so impressed with this one. The smell is gorgeous too I love a product that smells appealing its very calming and really nice before bed. At first I was using the product everyday (evenings) now I use it every other day sometimes less.

 Cruelty free   vegan  minimal waste packaging  organic  waterless 

Next up is a little gem from Myroo, super boost drops brightening blackberry. WOW I'm so impressed. I absolutely love this little skincare boost. I don't know why I chose it tbh but I am glad I did. I will always be sure to keep this product stocked at home. 

Main benefits I've noticed are:

Anti ageing

Brighter complexion
Scarring isn't as dark
Smoother skin
Plumper skin
Super hydrated
Fine lines gone
Even complexion
No breakouts

You really only need a few drops of this oil I mainly use this alongside my evening skincare routine (which needs updating here). But sometimes add it too my face before starting the day especially if my skin is looking a little dull or dry. I've known about myroo for so long but I don't think I've actually tried any of the lovely Rachel's products, think I'm going to have to have a little look at what else is available because I am so impressed with this little pot of greeny peculiar smelling liquid that lights up my face! I've not had glowy skin like this in a REALLY long time.

 Cruelty free   vegan  minimal waste packaging 

Overall really happy with these two new finds, just when I thought I'd found enough fav's I end up adding two more into the mix. Im really gravitating toward minimal ingredients it seems my skin much prefers this type of skincare so that's what I'm sticking with. Have you tried Myroo skincare or Clockface beauty? If so leave in the comments your fav's.

PS. hope you're all well during these unpredictable times,

lots of love
Eloise x

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