Sunday, 21 June 2020

Clockface beauty | face scrub | review

Since recovering from acne my skin has been improving month by month. You can read here & here for how I helped heal my acne naturally. Though my acne was gone I was left with lots of scarring which still made me self concious and I found I was still wearing makeup pretty much everyday to hide the scars. My skincare regimen was amazing I felt like I had finally found my holy grails, but something was missing. That's when I decided to include the clockface beauty clary sage & juniper berry face scrub. I needed an exfolient to help remove the dead skin to reveal fresh glowly skin. I have now included this product in my nighttime skincare routine which you can read here. I have replaced my old exfoliant with this one. I breifly spoke about this product here, but I also wanted to give it a post of its own so I can explain more about the benfits and improvments from using this product.

My skin is oily especially during summer months, however it also gets a little dry in certain areas. I'm prone to blackheads and tiny little deep rooted pimples on my chin/hormonal area. Since using this product I have barely had any breakouts. Usually just the odd pimple. If I've had more than one its usually becuse I've had lots of sugar or alchohol! One of my favourite benefits of using this is that my skin looks much more youthful. My scarring has fadded massivly to the point I feel content going out with just lipstick on and some face oil! The overall texture of my skin has improved massivly. Its much softer and feels and looks more plump. I even feel like my face has more colour as if it has helped improve circulation.

Only a very small amount of product is needed because you apply it to a damp face. Its gentle I sometimes get sensitive skin especially around ovulation and menstruation. While I use this as an exfoliant it works as a pre cleanse as it has cleansing properties and ingredints that really help to draw dirt and bacteria from deep within the poors. Depeneding on how congested my skin feels I might use it daily for a few days and sometimes every other day or every couple of days. I adore the packaging its so pretty and easy to recycle with minimal plastic. The product is also cruelty free and vegan. It also has a really beautiful scent.

 Cruelty free   vegan  minimal waste packaging  organic  waterless 

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